Monday, May 17, 2010

Epic fail

A few weeks ago, I found this old cupboard at our local Restore.  I convinced Mr. Greenwillow that it would make a great TV stand and we could get rid of the cheap, paper covered monstrosity that takes up one whole wall in our living room.  He bit. 

She's got great character doesn't she?

Lots of storage space for DVD's, Tapes, etc.

But boy oh boy does she need a bath!  Yes, that spot is bird doo!  She ain't setting foot in my house without a bath, some make-up and maybe a little deodorant!

 Fast forward to yesterday.  I gathered my tools, crystal light being the most important, and set to work.  

 The plan was to strip her, repaint her black, then distress her a little (not too much...she's pretty traumatized already)!  It. did. not. work.  Oh a little paint came off here and there, but not much.  Epic fail.

I was trying to be an environmentally responsible little stripper (did I just say that?) and use Safest Stripper.  Now, I'm not dissing the product.  This cupboard is really old, with 2 coats of paint on it.  But it barely touched it. to Walmart I went to get some Klean Strip.  Yeah...the nasty stuff.  Don't think I'll be using a sponge brush this time (It didn't hold up very well to the Safest Stripper either).  Sorry to the environment...but I'll dispose of the waste properly.

So it's back to square one. Hoping to try again tomorrow.  It is supposed to be in the 70's...yippee!  Soooo...maybe... just maybe, I'll have a happier ending next time.

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