Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scored at a garage sale today!

We were on our way home from church. Everyone was tired because we stayed very late at a friends wedding last son was one of the groomsmen. Then I saw it...Moving Sale. Of course you know what I had to do...beg my husband to stop! And because my daughter was also begging her daddy to stop, we did, and I'm so glad we did. I spent $23 and look at all I got! Oh the plans I am cooking up.

Exhibit A.  Isn't she a beaut?  Of course she needs some paint, and a new seat cover, but she's got great bones!  Yes that little tag says $5...try not to hate me!  Grin.

This I love, but my daughter saw it first.  She only paid $1 for it!  We both love everything about it including the chippy soft green paint over the red.  I'm going to help her make a seat for it.  It will be perfect for her desk at college.  Tux the cat kinda likes it too!

Cute little tray looking table. Check out the carved pieces on the top. 

I love the carved detail on these dainty little legs too!

I won't have to do much to this shelf. It has a little damage on one corner that needs to be fixed, then maybe some glaze to knock down that bright white. Hmmmm...we'll see.  It's a really well built and heavy shelf.  It will take some special care hanging it right.

I've never owned a cake stand before.  Always wanted one, but never felt right forking over big bucks for something I use so seldom.  Now that I own one, I will probably find a bazillion uses for it besides cake.

I hesitated on these, but I think I can find some matching glass bowls to glue on top, then maybe paint the whole thing. I do like the classic column shape they have.

I just love me some pretty rose tea cups...nothing to do to these except to brew up some tea!

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  1. Seriously? Once again I am so jealous....I need to move to where you live! Love the chairs and the table.

  2. Oh that's funny Kenzie! If you only knew. I live in in the country, about 14 miles from a somewhat small town. The nearest decent city is 4 hours away. I just got really lucky today!

  3. Great finds, and great minds certainly do think alike -- I have that same set of dishes from about 30 years ago. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following me. I love your blog and think we have similar taste. I'm going to follow you too! Here's to a long blogging friendship!!!

  4. Ooooh, now I'm the jealous one Jan! I love these dishes. The lady only had 7 cups and three saucers. I'll have to scour ebay to see if I can pick up some more. Thanks for following! I love your blog too!


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