Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Babies in the Barn

I have nothing pretty to show you today. But I do have something cool that my husband made.  And because I needed a break from getting ready for camp, I slogged through this to get these pictures...

Well actually I skirted around that new pond really wet spot, but my shoes still squished through a very soggy yard. 

Back to Mr. Greenwillow's accomplishment.  We were given a bunch of wood last year by some friends, that has been sitting on slats on the barn floor. Then a couple of weeks ago we bought a boatload of wood from our sister-in-law for $60 for all of it. husband built this to store it on...

Just look at all those future projects lying there in their infancy.  Babies are so cute...don't ya think?

Oh,,,and on my way out to the barn to take these pictures, I saw this...

(Side note:  It's done nothing but rain for a week...maybe we will have to use that wood to build an ark!)

Can you guess what it's going to be?

An outdoor bowling alley?

A really huge arbor?...noooo.

A new clothes line?...yep!

Ummm...honey?  I know I'm tall, but this is ridiculous!   I really don't want to climb a ladder to hang clothes.  Honey???


  1. Mr. Greenwillow is a very handy person to have around the house (barn). Looking forward to seeing all those future projects!

  2. I understand the rain thing. We've had a ton of it too, but I must comment on your incredibly green and lush yard. So beautiful. You lucky thing to have a yard big enough for a clothes line!

  3. Oh my gosh....I'm so sorry you're having such terrible weather (unless of course you need the rain). Maybe this is why your blog is called Green Willow "Pond"....just kidding. Better have the weather clear up before you hang those clothes to dry :)

  4. I finally nagged, umm, hinted, err, suggested enough (or in the proper fashion) and got an extra length of washline from the silo to a barn corner. I "happily" loaded the line end to end with towels. It was finally a sunny day. Without warning a sudden storm soaked us all, weighing down the towels and taking down my new line. Wish me a speedy recovery.
    Enjoy the potential of all your new babes.

  5. Deborah Lynn... I'll take a bundle of that wood please!! :) Mr. Greenwillow made a great storage rack! It's been raining here alot, too (and very humid). But last year there was drought so I'm trying hard not to complain! I would love to have a clothes line! I just love the idea of the fresh air drying our clothes. But... I would probably forget them and it would rain on them! Jealous of your wood!! :)


  6. He He that is funny. Can he make you some stilts too. Have a lovely weekend Kym X

  7. Deborah, I love all that wood in your garage- I sure could use it right now- Yes all the things you could build.. How fun- that car looks pretty cool too, so jealous of your property- So beautiful.Thanks for stopping by the bloggers creative space party.

  8. Great way to store wood! And whew! You guys got a lot of rain too?? We've been swamped in MN too.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving sweet comments!!


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