Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Attention all Etsy owners or Other Craft Sellers

I just found out that Rory, over at Tools Are For Women Too, is hosting a link party for anyone who has an etsy shop, or who sells their handmade items from their own blog. Rory is a very generous guy who supports all of us ladies who like to build and craft.


The theme of the party is Times are Tough.  Rory is doing this to help all of us out in this tough economy, to hopefully boost our sales.  Gotta love that guy!

You can post up to three seperate links to items in your store.  Head on over to Tools Are For Women Too, to read the details.  The party opens tomorrow.  See you there!

Update:  The party starts Thursday, not Wednesday...oops!


  1. Thanks so much for letting us know about the linky party! I can't wait. How nice of Rory to offer! I am happy to see that you are starting an etsy shop! I opened mine in late March, and I am having a blast! Best of luck with yours!

  2. Deborah Lynn,

    Thank you very much for helping promote my upcoming party. If the party is successful it will be because of bloggers like yourself that helped spread the word. I have joined your site as a follower.



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