Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gitter Done Volumn 2

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors did it again. She issued another challenge...Gitter Done Volumn 2. Because of the extreme heat the past several days, I've procrastinated not been able to tackle my Gitter Done Project until very late in the game. She has given us 8 days to project is going to take at least 2, maybe three days. Once again, it's not glamorous, but necessary. This time it is outside...and that's all I'm sayin. Stay tuned.

You still have 8 days to join me in this challenge.  Pick a project or anything you've been putting off and jump in.  Then post it and link up to the Gitter Done party.  Lets all see how much we can get done.  I promise you, you will feel terrific afterwards...maybe tired, but terrific!


  1. ok, you've got me curious...and I do have a project or two myself! Lezlee

  2. You can tell Donna is on a mission to "gitter done" herself now that the weather up there allows one to be outside! I've been "gittener done" for weeks now...friends from New Zealand coming in two weeks!!!!!!!! YIKES...more to do than I can do in two weeks. HELP!


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