Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I think I'm starting to side with Elmer Fudd. He was forever after that Wascally Wabbit! Well I've got some Wascally Wabbits of my own! This is what they've been doing to my broccoli!

@#%&* rabbits!  Sorry, but they chomped down my entire row of broccoli to nothing.  My good neighbor came to my rescue.  She had tons of broccoli to thin, so I got her thinnings.  I replanted Monday afternoon after a light rain.  I intended to get a row cover on them too, but we had a downpour shortly after they were planted.  And I mean I got soaked running from the garden to the house!  It kept on raining and the garden was too wet, so I crossed my fingers and went to bed.

The next morning, sure enough, those creatures from hell dumb rabbits had been at it again.  They only chomped the smaller broccoli on the end this time.  Yesterday I got a row cover on them.  I hope the term "dumb bunny" is accurate, and they won't find their way under or chew through the row cover!


  1. Girl, I feel your pain. I found a great solution - we rescued a Jack Russell Terrier. Problem solved. LOL!

  2. It worked! No rabbit damage last night. Now to replant my beans, which the rabbits also ate...grrr.

  3. Glad it worked for you! Lezlee

  4. Oh my...the rabbits are in my garden, too! Haven't had them around here for years but they're BACK :( Yesterday, my little prissy female cat came in the HOUSE with one in her mouth. It was bigger than she is. We put it in a box and drove it far away. :)

  5. I feel ya... my battle is with the deer this year!



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