Friday, August 20, 2010

Drop Leaf Table Goes to College

I wanted to do something special on this table, but ran out of time. I guess it's special enough for college. I bought this quality pine table when I worked at a high-end furniture store in highschool/college. They had beautiful furniture and I got a great discount. I wish I could have bought even more.

We used this table for our main dining table for many years until it got to be to small as the kids came along. Then it was a computer desk for awhile. The last few years it's been in the basement. It was terribly scratched, with one very deep, long gouge from someone dragging the computer across it, I think.

I already started sanding it before I remembered to take pictures, but these show some of the damage.

Pine is forgiving however, and most of that gouge sanded right out. I primed this with a tinted primer, then later wished I hadn't because it shows if I tried to sand the edges. So I'm leaving it unsanded, with a poly finish on it.

I would love to put a scripture verse or prayer around the border of the table.  But alas, I have no cricut and I don't have time to stencil or stamp.  If I do come up with something before it goes to college, I'll post later.

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  1. It already looks amazing!!! She is gonna be the most "stylish" girl on campus lol

  2. Oooh I like the idea of a stencil or stamp on the side - that would be so very, very awesome for this table.

  3. You don't have a cricut?? I do, what do you need?

  4. Hi Deb~~the table turned out beautiful!!! A verse on the edge would be a wonderful addition.
    Lots of work...but I'm sure a labor of love.


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