Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies

I've picked up a few goodies (one real good goodie!) at garage sales over the summer, but never posted them. So I went around and took some pictures to share with you. I'm saving the best for last...wait for it...don't scroll down just yet.

My best guess on this first item, is that it is a really huge Christmas ornament. You can't see it in the pictures, but it has a chain and hook on it to hang it from. I can't imagine hanging it on the tree. It's too large and fairly heavy. But I thought it was so cool...I'll display it somewhere.

Here's another picture to give you some size perspective.  That's a large size flower pot on my back deck.  Isn't it cool?

Next is an old rusty, crusty wood level I picked up for $1.00.  I have an idea for it...but I'm not sayin' just yet what it is.  (Never mind the flower baskets...I was babysitting them for my mom while she was out of town for a few weeks.  And the ring around the tree is where I killed the grass and am going to put mulch.)

I found these green glass bottles at a consignment shop.  I love the color and translucency.

This next one is pretty cool, but still not the coolest.  We got this TV cabinet for FREE!  A friend, who is a painter, has clients that just give her their castoffs.  She didn't need this, but told us about it, and her clients gave it to us, along with a pretty decent TV.  They had just purchased a monster flat screen.  I was floored and thrilled of course.  Blessings upon blessings.  I haven't decorated it properly yet, just threw some stuff on top. 

Now for the least it is for me.  It is a diamond in the rough...but not too rough.  It is a storage cabinet for my future craft room.  I was so excited to get this.  I only paid $20 for it.  It is super heavy.  It's what is inside that is so fantastic.  I'll jazz up the outside a little.

Just look at all that storage for craft supplies!!!  I can hardly wait to get started on my craft room now!

I need to have a project party.  Can you all come and help me with my billion projects?  I'll provide the chocolate!


  1. Love it all but my heart goes to the craft closet... oh the fun filling it up

  2. Really great finds! Love the huge ornament!! Enjoy! :)

  3. OK...I'm with you on the craft closet! I'm already thinking of all the stuff that could go inside. I'd love to help you with projects and you wouldn't even have to bribe me with chocolate!

  4. Great finds. I have serious craft room envy. I do everything in my garage, even in the winter. I'd love to have a craft room and a storage cabinet like that to house everything. That's going to be a great piece!
    Thank you for visiting today and for leaving your very thoughtful comment!

  5. Great finds! I especially love the "free" tv cabinet!

  6. I am all over the level and the ornament although I confess that huge craft cabinet would definitely be useful in my world!!

  7. Well, ok, as long as you provide the chocolate, and lots of it, I'm in!
    Cool finds. I love them all.


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