Monday, August 16, 2010

What's in the Barn: Part 1

I have a love/hate relationship with computers. I love them when everything is working right and hate them when they aren't. After dealing with a virus, then monitor troubles, now the cable is all messed up. Our phone is working intermittently, the internet has been slow and now is completely down, and the TV can't decide if it wants to be in color or black and white.

The techs were here on Friday, and determined it was somewhere on their line, not in our house. But of course they are inside techs, not linemen. So now we have to wait for Charter to send another repairman to fix that. And it might be Monday!!! Arggg. (I am writing this on Friday, in a Office document, in the hopes that the internet will magically come back and I can copy and paste). Am I not desperate or what???

Note:  It is Monday...and we are finally back online.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that nothing else will happen!.

I did nose around the barn today, taking pictures of stuff that has been stored for ummm...well, lets just say a looooong time. Some of it may go to a garage sale or goodwill. But I have some ideas for some things. Like this press board table top. You recognize it. I bet you owned one or two at some time or another. I'm thinking the top could be turned into a giant wall clock. I've been wanting one of those forever!

Can you see it up there in the rafters?  A lot of stuff is stored in the rafters, so I had to take pictures from below.

These birdhouses my boys built years ago, in Boy Scouts, I believe.  Neither of them wanted to paint them or even use them, so they got put on a shelf in the barn.  I didn't have time to paint them at the time, and I didn't want to put them out unfinished to get ruined.  I think a little embellishment and paint is in spring.

These chairs, from my sister, have hung there for quite some time.  They need to be refinished or painted and reupholstered.  She has a matching buffet and table she may be giving us in the future...they are just gorgeous, full of carved details.  I'd have to find a couple more chairs to coordinate with these though.  Sorry you can't see the fronts...I can't either...and I don't even remember what they look like...just that I love them!

I picked up this cabinet at a garage sale a couple of years ago.  It was very dirty and smelly.  But some elbow grease and paint would do wonders don't you think?

We still have the crib all three of our kids slept in.  I thought to save it for one of them (our daughter is very sentimental about those things), but I'd have to check to see if it meets today's standards.  I've seen some pretty creative things made with cribs lately!

This basket was (I believe) what my dad slept in as a newborn.  I'm pretty sure that's what my mom told me years ago.  I really need to verify that.  It definitely was from Grandpa's farm, so that's not going anywhere.  I need to find a special use for it.  Underneath it is a sign I got, when the furniture store I worked in during college, closed down.  I've always wanted to paint something on it.  Trouble is, I can't decide what.

Here is another treasure from Grandpa's farm.  This drop leaf table matches the buffet which is in our basement.  The table, however, eats feet!  It has little metal covers on the base of the legs that tear up your feet if you bump them.  I'd have to find a solution to that.  Maybe I could find another old table with a different base...hmmm.

This little galvanized tin has raised, painted flowers on it.  I love the galvanized, just not the flowers so much anymore.  It may go in the garage sale.

There's lots more, but this post is already long enough.  I'll post part 2 later.  If you have any suggestions for any of these items, please share.  I can use all the inspiration I can get!


  1. I sure hope your computer problems are over! I know how frustrating that can be!! Our camera decided to die this weekend, at my nephew's wedding of all times! So I can sympathize with your frustration! Wow! You really have some treasures tucked away. How great that you have your dad's bassinet! I think it would be great to make a clock out of that wood. Lots of potential!

  2. I felt like I was watching American Pickers! Fun stuff tucked away in the barn. I love the basket that your Dad slept in as a newborn...what a neat treasure to have.
    Glad your computer issues are resolved!!

  3. Oh gosh I would love shopping in that barn. Such neat stuff there. Your dad's bassinet is such a treasure. If that baby crib isn't safe you can make a great bench from it.

  4. Oh, I could go nuts in there repainting all those pieces. You have lots of cool things in there. A real treasure trove.

  5. It rather depends. With care your daughter might still be able to use the crib. My parents had an Amish cradle made when I was an infant and my three siblings used it as infants too. I used it for both my girls and my sister used it for her son.

    We just took care to with how we set it up and how we did the bedding to make it safer.

    It will be fun to see what you do with some of the stuff!!

  6. I'm so sorry I tossed my daughter's crib a few years ago. I was pretty sure she wouldn't use it for her kids and it was taking up valuable space, but like you, I recently saw a cute bench made from a crib and I was sad I got rid of mine. Seems like as soon as you toss something you wish you hadn't!


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