Monday, August 9, 2010

In the Middle

That's where I the middle. In the middle of several projects, in the middle of August, in the middle of a mess! I apologize for not posting much lately. I have several large projects "in the middle" of being done. It seems it is feast or famine with me. These projects are going to all get done around the same time, and I will have a ton of posts to show you.

I started this blog primarily to record my journey of taking back my home. My original post about my goals for this blog is here.  In light of that, I can't just record the highlights...the "I got it it is" posts.  It's about the journey. 

So I thought I'd catch up some things I'm working on, even if they are not finished yet.  While I wait for paint to dry, or my arms to stop trembling from sanding, I go work on some other project. 

Today I got the final coat of paint on Jared's room.  It has been exhausting, but very rewarding to get the walls and ceiling done.  I started with this:

Then I did this:

Then I spackled, sanded and primed before painting.  What. A. Job!  So glad that is done.  Tomorrow or the next day I plan to paint a horizontal stripe around the room.  Then I have to paint the floors.  And what a job that will be, but I'll post about that later.

I'm also working on painting several pieces of furniture, some for Jared's room and some for my daughter to take to college.  Most of these I picked up at garage sales or was given for free.  Lately I've been blessed with freebies.  People started hearing about the projects I am doing, and just give me stuff. 

This little end table will be a nightstand in Jamie's apartment at college.  I've repaired, sanded and painted  the base coat, but need to get some universal tint so I can make a glaze.  We picked it up at a garage sale for $10 (which upon closer inspection was too much to pay for it.)  It is very cheaply made and had a broken leg and missing bracket.  But I fixed that, with a little "how to" help from my husband.  It will be fine for college. 

Here it is before.  I started painting one leg before I remembered to take a picture.

This is the bracket I fixed...almost all by myself.  I'm so proud.  My husband used the chop saw to cut off a chunk of wood to use.  I used the jigsaw to cut it out.  Then predrilled holes for screws and nails and attached it, as well as a couple of blocks underneath to support the broken leg.

I've also sanded two other pieces of furniture:  A nightstand for Jared's room, and a drop leaf dining table for Jamie's apartment.  Hopefully I can start painting them tomorrow if it doesn't rain. 

So that is what I've been up to.  Hopefully by the end of this week, all the furniture will be done.  Jared's room won't be done, but the walls will be and hopefully the floor too.  The garden is going to start bursting with beans to be canned, and snow peas and broccoli to freeze soon.  I really want to get these projects done before then.  Then homeschool starts after labor day...YIKES!  Take deep breaths...and I'm breathing...and breathing...


  1. You will do well with the home schooling, I home schooled my 14 year old last year and it was very rewarding... frustrating at times ,but it will work in the end. I found that in the beginning I was getting to know the teacher, the scheduling, like how long it takes for each subject and how much she could handle however it was not long before we both got a hang of the routine. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Deborah Lynn, Wow you are busy! It will be rewarding to be over the hump, (I keep telling myself that same thing :-)
    Thanks for your visit,

  3. I totally understand!! I have way too many projects sitting around waiting to be completed!! Can't wait to see what you do with the furniture!

  4. What would we do if we didn't have our projects?
    I love the tables. I bet they'll turn out nice. I'll be sure to check back to see. Thanks for the visit - L.

  5. You're so brave to show the all of the "before and during" photos! I'm in the middle now, too, having ripped out two fireplaces and just this week moving house so the bedroom carpets can be installed. It's moving day only we're NOT moving! long distance husband's home is on the market since he retired last month and we're moving his houseful into our mutual home. UGH...MUST have a garage sale!

  6. Welcome to my world! I feel like I live my life in the middle of! Good luck getting to the other side!

  7. Holy moly Deb! You ARE busy! How do you keep up with yourself?
    I am anxious to see all of these projects when you finish them.
    Are you still breathing?

  8. Sounds like my life! Just keep after it, I know it will all look great!


  9. You have been busy!! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to see how all the things your working on progress!! It is about the journey, that's so true.

  10. You did a great job on that bracket. I love seeing how others recycle/reuse furniture. The table will be perfect for a bedside table.

    Thanks for stopping my blog. Grampy and I still laugh about that clothesline ordeal.

  11. I can't wait to see the finished furniture. I know it will look great! Seems like everyone is in "paint furniture" mode... I just finished a table today that will go up in a few minutes for Favorite Things Friday.


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