Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Painting Pause

My many painting projects came to a screeching halt...did you hear the breaks squeal? If you read my recent post about my paint disaster you will understand why. I sprayed the first coat of paint on a table over a week ago, and on Monday it was still tacky. After the wall disaster, I'm not risking anymore, so everything sits and waits. It's going to be pushing it for time to get Jamie's furniture ready for college. She moves on the 27th. I really need a break in this weather. 

Note:  Yesterday the high humidity broke...hallelujah!  I was able to lightly sand Jamie's table to get it ready for another coat of paint.  Keeping my fingers crossed that today I can get a second coat of paint on it and Jared's nightstand.

The day after my painting disaster, my daughter and husband brought home roses and donuts to cheer me up. Is that not just the sweetest thing? 

In the meantime I've been prepping Jared's floor for painting. These old wood floors are in very poor shape. In some places they are patched with plywood, so they are not suitable for refinishing, Eventually I want all new wood floors upstairs, but that will have to wait, so I'm painting with floor paint. All the other floors upstairs, except Jared's and our room have been painted.

There are large gaps in the boards, and in those gaps are years of old crud. I have to use a scraper and clean them all out. I did it in the hall and in Tyler's room a couple years ago. After that, I wash the floor really well, then prime and paint. Floor paint takes 3 days to cure enough to move anything back in, and a week to really cure well. Jared may be spending a week bunking with his brother. That will go over like a fart in church! I can hear the moans from Tyler now. I think I'll keep quiet and cross that bridge when I get to it.


  1. Hahahahahahaaaaa! oh my goodness..love the way you described your sons reaction to bunking with his brother! I would love to paint the wood floors in our bedrooms....a winter project for me. Can't wait to see your "after" pics.

  2. I've never heard that phrase before "That will go over like a fart in church!" too funny.

    I am glad your humidity broke. I will be interested in seeing the floors.


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