Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank You

Thank you everyone for your kind words. They, along with a cool shower and a good nights rest did help.The humidity here is very high and that doesn't happen often in northern Michigan.  Like the Floridians who freeze here in the winter...I melt in this heat and humidity.

I had a little melt down last night when all my hard work painting and striping the walls of my sons room peeled off with the tape. I am not going to look at those walls for a couple of days, and move onto something else (that doesn't involve paint!).  I will not let those walls defeat me!!!

I think I will mosey around the barn and take a little inventory of all the junk treasures I can find, make a list, and see what ideas I can come up with to use them for.  Sorta like retail therapy...except I don't have to buy anything. ;)

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