Monday, September 20, 2010

Boy's Bedroom Update

Why is it that the prep for painting takes about 10 years and painting takes about 5 minutes???  I spent the last two days scraping grossness out of the cracks in Jared's floors, then vacuuming, more scraping and vacuuming, then scrubbing them clean. All that work, and they still looked horrible!

Yesterday afternoon they were transformed, by primer.  You know they were bad, when primer looks 10 times better!

This is actually quite a bit darker than the paint will be, but I bought 2 gallons of tinted primer to use for black furniture, and only used a fraction of it.  I'm using what I have, but wondering if I should do another coat,  mixed with white primer to lighten it up...any thoughts?

I primed the edges with a brush, then used a roller on a paint stick to finish.  It only took me about 5 minutes with the roller.  Love that tool!

Here's a tip for ya.  Don't paint yourself into a box.

Just kidding!  I was actually only a step away from the doorway, just out of view of the camera.  But I had you didn't I?

Here's one more peek at the bedroom walls, then you will have to wait for the big reveal (Donna's rules...I'd hate to get kicked out of the party ;)  I may throw a couple of teasers your way though.

I just realized something after seeing this picture.  I forgot to paint the inside of the closet.  Thump, thump, banging my head against the walls again.

I did notice my pants were a little looser today though.  Maybe this is why:

Wanna try?  Might be a way to cure bloggy butt!  Bang head below:


  1. beautiful and very nice work!
    Hard work:)
    Bravoo, kisses dear!

  2. That room is gonna be fabulous. I like the painted floor and it'll be perfect with the bedding you picked out.

    Maybe I should try banging my head on the wall to get rid of the two pounds I gained walking last week. lol

  3. You are trucking right along. I like the idea that banging head against the wall helps weight loss...

  4. Howdy! :) So glad you liked my light fixture make-over. I do hate those big, bright, ugly, strip lights! Whoever came up with them needs to have to stare at them at 5 or 6 in the morning (all 800watts) for the rest of their lives! LOL :) JK! Anyway, my way, is a lot cheaper than going to the store and buying one! Hey, you might even get lucky enough to find one with the globes at the restore...mine from Goodwill didn't have them. (but knowing me, I probably would have changed them anyway!) lol
    I just re-did my sons room a little while ago..turned out so cute! If you haven't seen it, it's under the my favorite posts tab at the top of my blog. I just love how it turned out...your's looks like it's gonna be cute too!

  5. You are so funny!!! I think I would have a hole in the wall as many times as I mess up! :) The floor looks great so far and I can't wait to see what it all looks like!! You are a trooper for getting this all done on a schedule! And you are right, prep time stinks and takes forever! I would rather just paint...maybe that's why I bang my head against the wall a lot!

  6. Yes, I hate prepping too. I love the color and it's only the primer! Hate when you are done and then realize you forgot something. Did you get to the closet yet?

  7. It is coming along so nicely!! Do a little test piece in the closet with your floor paint to see if the primer isn't too dark. I am sure it will be fine as is. Love the stripes and can't wait for the reveal!!


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