Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Boy's Room - A Teaser

The paint is dry, baseboards are going in Saturday, I think, and it's time to start the fun stuff! I dropped my boys off at church this afternoon at 5:15 for Bible Quiz practice (they memorize scripture and travel to other churches in our conference to compete) and their first Wednesday night program for the year. I had almost three hours before I needed to pick them up, and I was so tired I almost went home, which is about 15 miles one way, but I decided to go inspiration (window) shopping instead. It's not often I get to do that by myself.

I went to Home Depot, got some ideas, but bought nothing. Same thing in JoAnn's, except no inspiration. Our JoAnn's store is pathetic. Sorry JoAnn's, I love your big store downstate, but you could do a lot better in Alpena!

Then I hit Big Lots, and oh my did I get inspired! I love their clearance aisle, although you have to check often, as there is usually a lot of junk, and often broken junk at that. But tonight I scored 4 major pieces for Jared's room, at rock bottom prices. Of course they will need total makeovers...but that's the fun of it!

My last stop was at Tractor Supply. Stop laughing! I got a curtain "rod" for about $9, and you will never guess what is was.

I'm so excited I could nearly bust. Do you get like that when inspiration strikes? Here's a teaser photo of some of the things that will be going into his room, before their transformation.

Sorry to be a tease, but I hope you think the wait will be worth it.  I'm at T minus 14 days for the next Gitter Done project post.  So much to do, so little time!


  1. You are a tease!! :) Curtain rods at Tractor Supply? I never would have guessed. Our JoAnns stinks too, it is always messy and really no selection. Glad you scored at Big Lots, they can have some really great things there! Keep up the good work and get some rest tonight!!!! :)

  2. Im looking forward to the great unveiling, sounds like you have some good things up your sleeve. Have fun!!

  3. WOA... what ARE you up to there girl?!? You have me downright curious!

    Guess I'd better start something too... you're totally guilting me out here. :)


  4. very nice!
    Kisses dear.

  5. You will have that room fixed up so nice your son won't ever want to leave it.

  6. I'm very intrigued! Those look like cool pieces...lucky boys.

  7. I've been in the barn, half the day, painting . I'm getting excited myself to see it done.

    Donna, no guilt...we do not do guilt :)
    Granny J...I can only hope (totally joking)!

  8. I can't wait to see it when it's done.


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