Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Color & Another Bedroom Update

The baseboards are in...yay! They've been caulked and painted. There are still some we didn't nail down around the doors, because we need to add trim around the doors and window, but that may have to come a little later.

I've also got one coat of paint on his bed, and plan to finish it today, so it can get put back together and moved back in his room tomorrow! Several items have been painted for his room, but the biggy left to paint are two bookshelves. Hoping to get primer and maybe a coat of paint on those yet today. We've been doing school this morning, but it's done now and I can move on to projects.

I stopped to smell the to speak, a couple of days ago, and snapped a few quick pictures to capture a bit of fall color here. It's been cold and wet, and we've had the plague here, so I'd been feeling a bit cooped up. So after a quick trip to the barn for some primer, I noticed these and decided to snap some pictures and take a breather. Take a moment and enjoy a little breather yourself.

Partial harvest:  Red potatoes, onions and green tomatoes...yum!


  1. I love the baseboards, they turned out so great with the lighter gray!! Your photos are so pretty too, it is really starting to change here now that it is a bit cooler!!

  2. I love the wall color :D I've got some priming and painting to do too now that school is finished for the day!

  3. Trim and floor look great! The bed will be awesome and I am so surprised how much fall you have already! This is our first week of cooler temperatures!!

  4. The baseboards tie the walls and floor together perfectly. Can't wait for the big reveal.

  5. You are one busy lady!! The room is looking good. Can't wait to see the final reveal.
    The pictures you took were beautiful.

  6. The photographs are wonderful. The room is coming along very nicely!

  7. Those berry pictures are just what I needed today! After a relatively cool summer, we've been hit with a heatwave. Over 95 today, and for the rest of the week. Hard to get into the Fall season in this heat!


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