Friday, September 24, 2010

Help! Advise Needed

I need some quick advise from my bloggy friends. We are heading out to Home Depot to pick up the baseboards. I want to get it painted this afternoon so we can install them tomorrow.

Now that I am to this point, I'm stuck. Do I paint the baseboards the color of the floor or the walls. I could paint another color (I have black or red, but I don't think I want that much of a contrast, especially as I will be painting the trim around windows and doors the same color (when I eventually get trim up).

I'm leaning toward the floor color. I could add some white to that color and get a color in between, which might look really nice. Even the floor color might be too dark for trim on the walls. So I need you to tell me what you think. Here are some pictures of the room. I need to start painting this afternoon, so let me know what you think please, please, please...and thank you!


  1. My vote is the color of the floor. When you have hard wood floors you quarter round is stained like the floor. Good Luck!

  2. I think maybe the color of the walls. That way the eye goes all the way to the floor and not stop. If that makes any sense. Hope that helps.

  3. If you want the trim to stand out, paint the floor color. A blend of white and the floor color would give a softer contrast. If you don't want the trim to stand out, paint it white. It is more of what you are looking for in the room. My opinion would be white because I love the contrast of the red stripes and wouldn't want to pull away from them. Good luck!

  4. Is the wall white? I would go with that. I think if you use the floor color it make the wall seem shorter. The floor will seem like its creeping up the wall. Hope we aren't making your decision worse!

  5. I agree with Bonnie, maybe mix some floor color with white, that way it blends but still stand out a bit. Good luck!!!!

  6. Thank you everyone for your helpful comments. I will post what I decided soon!


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