Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

I feel so empowered! My dad taught me to cut and install baseboards this week. Two days ago we did Jared's bedroom. He made most of the cuts, with me doing some by the end. Today he came over again and we did baseboards in the hallway and kitchen. I made almost all the cuts and did most of the measuring. At 4:00 he went home and I finished up a bunch of small cuts around a corner and doorway by myself.

By today I was quite comfortable using the compound miter saw. I've used it once or twice before with hubby standing right by, for straight cuts, but today, I was using it all by my little self! Of course I wasn't home alone. People were within screaming distance...no screams today though :)

Keeping in mind that everything still has to be caulked and painted, lookee what I did:

I need to do a little wall repair around that register.

Please try not to gag at the ugly walls, floors and trim.  It's all going to go away someday in the near future.  I hope to paint the walls a much more neutral color in the next few months.  I rag rolled these walls years ago and really loved them, and so did everyone who came to visit.  They look like wallpaper, but I'm really tired of them now and tired of the colors too.

Eventually we want tile floors here and in the school room.  It's right by the back door and gets tracked in constantly.  But the floors will have to get in line.  There's a lot of projects ahead of them.

Hubby put Jared's bed back together today, so he can sleep in his room tonight.  There's not another stitch of furniture in there yet.  I'm too pooped to do anymore tonight, besides I need time to further develop my bloggy butt.  Cheers!


  1. Love it!! I, too, am a woman with power tools!! I went down to the hardware store and bought myself a set of what I call 'baby tools'- a battery powered skilsaw was included in the pack. I have been an insane tool user ever since!! Great job on the baseboards! Love that your dad helped you too- gotta love those daddys!

    Btw.. just saw your comment on my fall wreath- I think I found it at Costco several years ago...wish I had made it!! It is seriously beautiful and works well right into Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. That looks really professional. Well done! I'm so impressed.

    And good job on the rag-rolling. That was all the rage, wasn't it! It makes you wonder what we'll think in ten years of what we're doing now!!

  3. It's great that you and your dad worked on the baseboards together. Now every time you look at them you will remember working with your dad. The baseboard looks great. The compound miter saw is the one tool we don't have. We have a very old miter box and the saw that came with it.

  4. Hi, You and your dad did a great job. At first tools have a little fear factor, but eventually you get used to them. You are on your way, next stop cabinet making. Have a great week.
    The Swedish Room

  5. You go with your big-girl self!!! :) I love it!! You did an amazing job, everything fits perfectly!! Can you come over here and fix the ones that my hubby did!?! ;)

  6. Great job! It's pretty satisfying, isn't it? I love my miter saw.

  7. You've been busy with projects! Yeah! Great job on the base molding! miter cuts are hard to tackle.

  8. Good for you Girl! Way to go with the compound miter saw - don't cha just love it, I looooove mine! A real time saver it is. That is awesome that you got to work with your Dad like that too. The finished look is just great, pat yourself on the back for sure!

  9. That looks stunning! And I am so pleased to hear you love a miter saw! They are so much fun, no?
    It's addictive... next you'll be wanting to put molding everywhere.

  10. Oh I know just what you're doing! I spent the day on my hands and knees spackling the new baseboards in the hall and master bathroom. Had new carpet installed a few weeks ago and ALL new baseboards in three bedrooms and the family room. Almost done! There is light at the end of the tunnel. That and my daughter's wedding two weeks ago have kept us VERY busy!

  11. Thank you everyone for such kind comments! It really was an empowering feeling to me. I realize now that there is not much I can't do. Okay, I'm never going to build fine furniture...but I could if I wanted LOL!

  12. You did a great job! I know the feeling of getting it all done. Wonderful. I want to use the power tools more myself and stop waiting for my hubby to do it!

  13. Great Job!! Want to come do mine? I have just started playing with a miter saw, but I am having a great time doing it!! Way to go!!

  14. Love what you did! Very impressed!! Nice job!

  15. You Go girl!! That's awesome! I have yet to use a miter saw... but it's on my list! You did a great job Deborah Lynn!

    Love the bulletin board below in your prev. post... the Eiffel Tower is a great touch! LOVE Love Love the frame!!!

  16. I love my friends that use power tools. Good for you! Besides my miter saw, I love my air compressor and brad nailer. You've gotta get one of those. Lisa~


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