Sunday, September 12, 2010

The New and Improved School Room

The school room is reorganized, cleaned and ready for action. My kids are less than thrilled...but I make up for it! I'm so grateful to have this space. It's not very large, but it works. There are still improvements coming down the road, but it works well for now. 

Remember the before? I had already started to pull books off shelves and sort through them, hence the mess, but you get the general idea.  My son, whose foot you can see in this picture, was sitting on the loveseat, which is now under the window.  There was no table in this room.


And Now:

Please ignore the monster TV in these pictures.  It is my son's Xbox TV and it is soon moving to his room!

This loveseat is one I purchased years ago at a furniture store I worked at.  It's been recovered once, and needs it again.  I'm so over the plaid, and the seams are coming apart, but it's still as solid as a rock.  I'm thinking I'll get a dropcloth to use as a cover for now.

This is the sunniest room in our house.  I wish it were bigger, but I am grateful we have it.  The doors need to be painted and I'm going to beef up the trim and paint it too.  In fact, our whole downstairs is soon to get new baseboards with my dad's help.

I love this tapestry.  I got it at a garage sale several years ago for $25 I think.  Alas, I probably will take it down and put more educational stuff, like maps.  I need to find another place for it for now.  This folding table is temporary.  I am going to try to make a table out of an old door.  I've got some ideas for that but it's a secret for now ;)

Please ignore the mess of wires under the table.  That will soon be gone too.  Hubby plans to move our modem and wireless adapter to a more central area of the house so that my son can pick up wireless with his Xbox in his room.  I'd love to get rid of the Xbox entirely, but he's sixteen, bought it with his own money, he works hard and is a great kid, so I just roll my eyes and ignore it.

So that's our new, improved school room.  Now I need to get my backend off this chair and go work on some more projects! 


  1. This room looks light and bright and wow do you have a green thumb. Those plants must love the sunlight.
    I have such admiration for people who home school.

  2. Beautiful room!

  3. Oh that looks so great! What a nice room to sit in during the day! All that sun! I love it! I can't wait to see the table from the old door! Have fun in your new room tomorrow!!

  4. You were one busy lady getting that room organized. It looks great and will be a wonderful place for the kids to study.

  5. The room looks great. I love all the natural light.

  6. I really like that tapestry too. It is lovely.

  7. It so important to change up the class room! I try to change mine up each year, even if it's just moving some furniture and adding new posters. I figure it makes them feel like they get to go to another class with their new grade level. Plus it helps with the energy level (mostly mine!):D

  8. Oh wow!!!! What a nice change. Makes me want to go back to school!



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