Friday, September 3, 2010

Trash Talk

Okay, before you get any ideas...I'm talking about trash, as in my trash cans. Get your mind out of the garbage...or into my trash cans. Sorry, it's getting late, and I get loopy when I get tired.

I had these two ugly trash cans in my kitchen. There is no where to hide them at present, and they were really bugging me. Our cat had scratched them up trying to tip them over. (When the mice are away...)

I priced new black trash cans. They were around $14 each at Walmart. Not bad...but I really want to save my pennies for quality stainless steel ones. So, at $4 plus dollars for a can of Krylon Fusion plastic paint (it took one per trash can), I decided to try painting them.

Because some of the scratches were pretty deep, I first sanded them a bit. Then I sprayed about 4 light coats of black on them. Next I wanted to stencil numbers on the front, using contact paper as a stencil. Afraid that the contact paper would peel off the black paint, I waited at least a week for them to dry. Turns out, the contact paper stuck just well enough to work, but peeled off very easily, probably because these cans have a slight texture to them.

I found a font I liked and drew it by hand onto contact paper. I centered them on the trash cans, tucking paper around the edges to protect the rest of the cans. First I sprayed a coat of white primer, just in case, then followed with 3 light coats of the plastic paint in Heirloom White.

Number 1 is for paper (we burn our paper), and Number 2 is for anything else that can't be recycled or composted.  They aren't perfect.  If you get close you can still see some scratches, but anyone who puts their nose close enough to see that...well I'd have to wonder about them! 

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  1. Those turned out great!! I love Krylon Fusion - it really is a good paint - just wish there were more colors!!

  2. That is a super idea...especially black since they don't show much! Great idea!

  3. Very resourceful. I have to say those are pretty upscale looking trash cans!

  4. Love the way they turned out. This is such a throw away society I'm glad to see you took the time and effort to recycle the cans.

  5. That was a great idea to update the trash cans. Looks like the paint really works on plastic and the stencils were the perfect finishing touch.

  6. What a great way to make something utilitarian have some charm! Fantastic idea! :)

  7. I love this! I never would have thought to paint my garbage can and I paint everything!! :) Might have to dig into my plastic paint!!

  8. Ya know- I have wondered for years why manufacturers never made trash cans in any other color but white until now. White gets SO dirty looking, even when you wipe it all the time.Your spray job is so clever. I will be spraying my trash cans now- never even thought of it.... Good job, girl!

  9. I'm sure those look a WHOOOOOLE lot better in the kitchen now. Very clean and organized. Great thinking.

  10. What a great idea! From where I'm sitting, they look new! LOVE the numbers on the cans too. Good job lady!

  11. Love the new look, way to go. Jen

  12. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog:)
    The works on my blog are mine.

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