Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WOOHOO! Found the Bedding!

I am so excited, I can't even tell you! No I didn't win the lottery, but with the bargains I found tonight, I feel like it.

Jared's bedroom is going to be black, white, gray and red. So when I saw the black plaid comforter on sale in K-Mart's ad this week, I thought I'd check it out. The twin size was regularly 19.99, on sale for 16.99. Not fantastic, but still a savings.

 Ok, but not really very cool for a cool boy.

When I got there, they still had it in twin size, so I plunked it in the cart, but kept looking. Low and behold (cue angels singing and a light from heaven shining down) I came across another comforter made by Cannon, of much better quality on sale for 18.00, and it included a pillow sham.  It looks sort of like graffiti to me...very cool for an 11 year old boy!

I kept hunting, and found a twin sheet set, in the same line as the comforter at half-off for $7.49! They are so soft too. I was on a roll.

Dare I believe that I might find cool curtains on sale too? God was smiling on me tonight. Lookee what I found for 8.99!  I'm going to be using some metal or metallic looking elements in his room. These are perfect!  (They look gold in the picture, but they are silver)

Now here's the best part...when I got to the checkout counter, the comforter rang up for $13.00!  So basically I got all his bedding and curtains for...drumroll please...$29.48!!!  And Jared likes all of it!  I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. What a steal! I am so jealous, it makes me want to drive the hour to K-Mart! Can't wait to see his room finished!

  2. I would have been doing the happy dance in the aisle. Great buys on good quality...doesn't get better than that!

  3. Wow! Great deal!! I love when things like that happen. I need them to happen more often. :)

  4. He's gonna love his room. That was a great night of shopping for sure. Can't wait to see the room put together. Those curtains are beautiful.

  5. Oh that is the best!!! Those are so great, perfect for a boys room! K-mart closed by us but I loved their bedding and Martha stuff, they were always on sale! Great finds!!!

  6. What an awesome job you did and it definitely looks cool for an 11 year old young man!!!! I am going to Kmart and see what I can find!! They have some great stuff now and good prices!

  7. It is so cool when you check out and find out it is even cheaper. I love when that happens. Love what you picked out and he will too.

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