Monday, October 11, 2010

Chain Link Curtain Rod

I'm taking a break from projects this week, but I promised to show some tutorials for projects I made for Jared's bedroom.  I thought I'd share how we made the curtain rod with chain link.

The first supplies I bought were chain link cut the length I wanted for the rod less the length of the link connectors.  I also bought large screw eyes.  You will need some large washers to cover the holes on the wall too.  I already had these on hand.

I drilled a couple of test holes with a very small drill bit to try to find studs (this old farmhouse does not have standard spacing of studs in the original walls).  When I couldn't find a stud in the corner of the wall the window was on, I drilled into the adjacent corner.  I wanted these curtains to be able to pull completely off the window to let in as much light as possible.

Once I found the stud, I drilled a large pilot hole, then slipped a washer over an eye screw and screwed it into the wall.  Pardon the bits of primer on my fingers...another project.  Primer is really hard to wash off without mineral spirits.  Alas I will never be a hand model!

Next I inserted a link connector into each end of the chain.  I attached one end to the eyescrew I already had in the wall, then stretch it as tight as I could to mark where I wanted the next one.  This is where I realized I had  a problem...a major design flaw.  Once I stretched it tight, there would be no way to get the curtain on and off, without unscrewing one of the eye screws, which I didn't want to do.

Hubby and I put our heads together and devised a plan.  Sometimes we do work well together!  Other times...not so much ;)  Back to Tractor Supply we went and bought two more link connectors, plus a turnbuckle.  I also got a wall anchor set at Walmart with a long enough eyebolt to get through the drywall and hold.

 We cut out enough links in the very middle of the chain link to equal about the length of the turnbuckle with the link connectors attached.  You need bolt cutters to do this, so hopefully you can measure everything out at the store and have them cut you two pieces of chain link the length you need.

Here's a very rough drawing of how it is all set up.  I'd take a picture but it's too long to get a good view of it all in one picture, so you'll just have to suffer my terrible drawing.

Now comes the hard part...drilling a big honking hole in the wall you just painstakingly painted like 4 times!!  It has to be big enough to get the anchor through.  Of course if you are lucky enough to hit studs on both sides, you can skip this step and just install another eye bolt with washer.  I cringed, bit the bullet and did it.  Nothing a little more spackling can't fix right?

Next, insert the wall anchor with the eyebolt sure you don't just poke the anchor through by itself or you'll lose it in the wall...just sayin.

Because of the size of the hole, I used two washers stacked to cover it.  The larger washer hole was pretty large so I covered it with a smaller washer.

 Now attach all your pieces together as shown in the drawing.  Loosen the ends of your turnbuckle so you can slip the link connector onto your anchor bolt.  Once everything is attached you can slip on your curtains, then tighten up the turnbolt to take up the slack.

And that my friends is how you install a chain link curtain rod!  

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  1. What a great idea! I love the industrial look!

  2. That is such a neat curtain rod for a boy'r room. I'm glad your son loved his room. I'm sure my grandsons would have loved one like that.

    For the primer, if you have any of the orange based hand cleaner in the garage, it might take the primer off. I use it with pretty good results.

  3. I am sure your son thinks he has one cool mom! Great idea.

  4. This is SUCH a great original idea for a boy's bedroom. And a really great tutorial.

    I love the way you write. You just bring even the most trivial details alight with your sparkle.


  5. That is a fantastic idea for a boys room! Great job- I love it! I thought your drawing was good btw! :)

  6. Very clever!! I love it and it is a piece of art within the curtains! Your hands are beautiful! Nothing says I am woman than hands with primer all over them!! :)

    I hope that you are enjoying this beautuful weather and resting from all your hard work!!! I love seeing your links in all the linky parties! I smile everytime I see them! The room really turned out amazing my friend!

  7. Wow! I am so inspired by reading your son think that is very cool....
    thanks for your inspiration :))....

  8. OK! THat is COOL! Great for a boys room. I've never seen a curtain rod like that!!!

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