Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kitchen Countdown: Day 2

Now I remember why I never wanted to paint my cabinets again. It's a ton of work. I know it will be worth it in the end though. Already things are looking brighter and a lot better. Take a peek:





It doesn't look like I got a lot more done. Then why am I so sore? Today I primed 2 coats on all the upper cabinets and doors. I also removed the base cabinet doors and washed everything really well. I will prime the base cabinets tomorrow.

It'll be a short day tomorrow. I'm taking my daughter to work, then running to ACE to pick up some supplies. Then it's back home to prime the rest of the cabinets and hopefully the strips of MDF that I am going to use to frame out the doors.

I'll have to wrap it up early, scrub paint off myself, and get ready to go back to town to pick up Jamie. She and I are going to dinner and a play that one of her friends is in. Like I have time for that, but hey...when my daughter asks me to go out with her...I'm in.


  1. Amazing makeover dear Deborah, very eleganth look, I lake it!

    Have a beautiful weekend,kisses

  2. Hey Miss Deb! it's taking shape. I hated painting my cupboards, but LOVE the white! You will be amazed at how it makes things seem so much bigger, and brighter.
    Keep going girl! it will be worth all the soar muscles.
    Have a great holiday weekend!


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