Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kitchen Countdown: Days 8 - 10 and an upcoming giveaway

I'm working my hiney off, but progress is painstakingly slow. Everything takes two coats of primer, and two coats of paint. Each strip needs the edges sanded before and after priming. I am painting trim in my sleep.

The upper cabinets are all painted, including doors and all the trim pieces. I still have to attach the trim to the doors and then glaze them. Here is a dry run (trim is not attached yet, just laid on the cabinet).

The hinges and window latches are painted to match my drawer pulls

I've also applied the beadboard wallpaper to  the lower cabinets.

All this and I also had two lia sophia parties.  I am a lia sophia advisor.  I get to meet fantastic women, show off and try on jewelry, be goofy and have a lot of fun.  It's work, but I love it.

Which leads me to my giveaway.  I am approaching 100 followers, so I think it's about time I gave something back to all my wonderful readers.  So...I am going to give one lucky reader a lia sophia "Trish" reversible necklace.  It is 17" long, is gold on one side and silver on the other.  You can wear it plain, or use our versatile slides to change your look.  The gold side is shown here:

It retails for $118.  You can see it and the slides at During the month of July, I am holding a catalog party.  If you are interested in any pieces, July is the month to get them.  There is a discontinuing list, available only through July.  Also you can order from both the outgoing and new catalogs.  But the best part is the sale in July is buy 1/ get 2 half price, and your most expensive items are half price!  I'm not pushing sales.  As you know, I've never mentioned my business before, but since I'm having a give-away, and the sale is so good, I wanted to let you know about it and what I do...when I'm not covered in paint and teetering on ladders!

To order, go to the above website, click on "browse our jewelry."  It will ask for you hostess name.  You will put in my name: Deborah Smith.  You can then browse by category or catalog. You won't be able to order from the new fall catalog until Monday the 11th.  Then you can order from both.

I'll be out of town tomorrow, and gone most of the day Sunday.  I will post a giveaway page in a couple of days as soon as I get 5 minutes.  I've never done a giveaway before, so I need to figure that out.  If you have any great tips, send them my way.  Have a wonderful weekend all you beautiful people!


  1. A kitchen makeover is such a tremendous amount of work...which is probably why I haven't tackled mine yet ;-) I love to see your progress. I adore those bin pulls you chose!

  2. I love the beadboard wallpaper, what a great idea. Kitchens are a lot of work, and so worth it in the end. :)

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