Friday, September 30, 2011

31 Days to Slash Your Budget Painlessly - Intro

If you are a new visitor, welcome to my place! If you're already a follower, welcome back! I've chosen to participate in 31 Days of Change, hosted by The Nester and 7 other bloggers.  My topic is 31 Days to Slash Your Budget Painlessly, because I am on a mission to lower our expenses. If a penny saved, is a penny earned, then $200 saved is better!

I would love it if you would grab my button and post it on your site so others can join in the savings!

Green Willow Pond

My lower our expenses by $2400 a year, or $200 a month...and to do it painlessly. Most of the cuts I am making will actually be improvements, in my estimation. Some may work for you, others may not fit. But I hope these posts will inspire you to look at your own spending, and see what you could do to keep some of your hard earned money.

This first post will be a portal to all 31 days posts. You can click on the button in the sidebar, near the top, and it will direct you to this page, which will have links to each post in this series (at the bottom of the page). That way you won't have to sift through all my posts, trying to find the one you want.

What I won't be posting are obvious things like stocking up on sale items, using coupons,  or shopping at garage sales, second hand stores, etc.  I'm guessing you are already doing some or all of those things. These 31 posts will be about specific things you can do to save some money.  Some will save a few dollars a month, some will save a lot more and one in particular will save me $80 every month!  Most will be very quick and easy. 

I would love for you to join me October 1st and for the next 31 days.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to see how much you can save during the month of October.    Maybe you have a goal you would like to save for.  If so, I'd be thrilled if you posted about it in the comment section below. Also be sure to take a peek at what others are posting about this month.  Check out the link party at the Nesting Place

Tomorrow's post could save you around $50 - $100 a year.  Ya'll come back now ya hear?

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  1. Have a great weekend dear, kisses:)

  2. This sounds very interesting. I'll be tuning in! :)

  3. Just today I finished setting up a pretty strict budget for myself. I've also decided to put half of my monthly income into a savings account and pretend it doesn't exist in order to set up an emergency fund. I'm doing all of this in hopes of FINALLY moving out of my parents home by my birthday in June. I can't wait for your 31 Day Challenge!!!

  4. Thank you ladies for your support and interest. This is a learning experience for me as well, as I am striving to pare my budget down too. It would be fun to do a post at the end with everyone commenting on what they saved!

  5. all the best...luking forward to all the tips!!its always better to save irrespect of how much u earn is what my mom always teaches me!!!

  6. Sounds very interesting..In fact i had been reading up your pizza post and i must say that its brilliantly crafted. Will be tuned to your posts :)


  7. We have LOTS in common with slashing budgets. I've been forced into it and am now on a mission similar to yours. Love your series & have added your button to my blog.

    Following you now. :)

  8. Thanks for linking up to Take it on Tuesday! I look forward to catching up on some of the 31 days I had missed on your series!

  9. I am loving these posts Debbie! Great blog! You are a cool aunt ;) Allie

  10. Woah! I should have been here last year! I probably would have saved hundreds of dollars. Anyway I can still do this on my own. How's the family now? You do have beautiful and happy children and pets. Hehehe!

    1. Parris, your email is set to no-reply, so I can't respond that way. I hope you get this here.

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I really did manage to save quite a bit. It's helped out a lot these past months as my husband has been on reduced hours. At least he still has a job, which I am grateful for.

      We are all doing well. I wish you lots of savings and hope some of my ideas will work for you.


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