Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is it Granite or is it Giani?

I am over the moon about my new kitchen counters. I've always wanted granite...well, not always, but for a reaaaally long time. Now I have them! Okay, okay...I cannot tell a lie. I used a Giani granite paint kit in Black Onyx. Hold onto your hat, because you are not going to believe this.

Can you stand it?  Ignoring the ugly wall where I ripped off the original backsplash, just look at the shine on those counters! I'm doing back flips in my head...they don't call me a dizzy blond for nothing (grin).

Oh...and here's what they used to look like:

Just a wee bit of difference wouldn't you say?  Can you see me doing cartwheels in the reflection of my new counters?  Ahem...let's not and say I did...that just wouldn't be pretty.

Update:  I must be honest.  At first I was over the moon about this product.  And I still love the paint itself.  However, within 6 months time, it started chipping.  I was very careful with it too.  If water sat on it for even a few minutes, a cloudy spot would develop, although it would quickly disappear.  We also discovered that if    a drop of raw egg sat on it, the paint would wipe right off.   

 In retrospect, I would use the paints again, but would instead finish it with EnviroTex as shown by Ashleigh at Live Gorgeously.  


  1. Wow! I have never ever heard of this paint. Your counter tops look awesome! So happy for you and yes, I did see the cartwheel you turned. Great job!!

  2. I have never heard of this paint - AMAZING! Was it difficult? Lots of prep? Looks GREAT!

  3. Thanks Amy and Stephanie! It was very easy to do. There is several days downtime for your counters as you wait for drying time between steps, and 72 hours dry time after the last topcoat, before returning appliances. Unless your counters are in really rough shape, prep is super easy - just wash to remove any grease - no sanding required. I will write a post soon on the process.

  4. Deborah it looks awesome! I just had to come over and comment! As you know I painted mine and am just thrilled with them. My niece had the same counter tops as you. I took the metal piece off and filled it with wood putty before priming because she wanted to keep that small back on the wall. We were all amazed how well it turned out. Great job and I need to peek around to see what else you have done!

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