Friday, September 16, 2011

Painting the Kitchen Walls & Pinterest Inspired #4 - Tub Scrub

Woo Hoo! I am finally painting my kitchen walls! After weeks of not being able to get back to the kitchen remodel, I'm finally taking another step forward in the process. I'm only painting the top 2/3rd of the walls, because we are installing beadboard on the bottom. I can't find my paint swatch at the moment, so I'll have to post paint colors later, but it's a light taupe, replacing the more yellow-based tan I had originally. You can see the difference here:

Sorry these pictures or so bad, but this corner of my kitchen doesn't get much light and it was really hard to capture the color.  anyway, you can see I've started.  It looks like the walls are the same color as the cabinets, but they aren't.  I'll post better pictures when it's done.   I'm feeling really punky today, so progress is slow.  I think I'm catching the gunk Tyler had this week.  My chest is tight and I'm reaaally tired.  But doggone it, I had a whole day at home today and I was determined to get these walls painted if it kills me!

On another note, I tried another cleaning recipe from pinterest a couple days ago.  We have very hard water with lots of iron in it...hence rust stains.  We really need a water softener, but since our water heater is on it's way out, the softener will have to wait.  The only product I could find that would take the rust stains out was The Works.  It works great, but it's very toxic.  My mom once had an asthma attack when she came over just as I had sprayed the bathroom tub with it.  She didn't even go near the bathroom, but ended up using her inhaler and finally had to leave.  When I spray it, I have to hold my breath, then rush out of the bathroom and close the door, leaving the window open to air it out.  Nasty stuff.

I really wanted to find something else that wasn't endangering mine and my family's health.  Pinterest to the rescue.  This tub scrub takes a bit more elbow grease, but not much.  Even with the other cleaner, I still had to scrub, and often had to spray a second time to get it all off.  It's so worth it to not be fumigated when I clean, and if I scrub a bit more, I'm building a little arm muscle right?  To be perfectly honest, it won't remove really bad rust stains.  But once the rust stains are gone, it should keep them at bay if used a couple times a week. 

Although the cost of the other cleaner is quite reasonable, I figure one batch of this tub scrub costs about .29 cents.  I use about 2 Tablespoons per cleaning, so I get about 8 cleanings (approximately 1 months worth) from a batch.  I was spending about $1.50 - $2.00 a month on
The Works.  It's not huge, but it should save me around $15 - $16 a year.

To make it, add 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap and 4-5 drops of an antibacterial essential oil, to 1 cup of baking soda.  Stir it up well.  I keep mine in a cool whip container with the recipe written on top.  To use, add enough water to a couple tablespoons of  this mixture to make a paste, and start scrubbing.  You can use any essential oil to make it smell nice, but tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, which is always a good thing in a cleaner.

What have you been inspired to make from Pinterest lately?  I'd love to see.  Comment with a link to your post.


  1. Thanks for the recipe! We have a problem with rust stains, as well, so I've been experimenting with products.

    Can't wait to see how the kitchen turns out :)

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