Friday, September 9, 2011

Pinterest Inspired #2 - Picture Hanging Tool

Once again my plans to work on my kitchen fell through, but for a very worthy reason, that I was honored to help with.   My good friend, who usually coordinates funeral lunches for families in our church, has been spending the past 5 weeks down at Devos Children's hospital, where her son is undergoing radiation treatments for a brain tumor.  It appears he is going to be alright, praise the Lord!

She asked me to take her place in the event we had a funeral in our congregation.  Unfortunately, a dear man did pass away Saturday.  So I was very busy lining up volunteers and food.  Thankfully another lady took charge of buying the ham and potatoes and cooking.  Many wonderful volunteers brought food and helped set up, serve and clean up.  I love my church family! 

I did manage to accomplish one tiny job in my kitchen remodel.  I was in JoAnn's a few weeks ago to pick up some thread, for the jeans I took in the legs of, when I saw these hooks marked 50% off.

They've been sitting waiting patiently for me to hang them.  In the meantime, we've been draping dish towels everywhere to dry.  Tired of dish towels draped over my mixer, cabinet doors and dish drainer, I decided I was hanging those suckers if I had to stay up until midnight to do it!

Don't you hate it when you are hanging something and trying to figure out just where to put the nail?  Me too, but Pinterest came to my rescue.  Michele at The Scrap Shoppe came up with this ingenious tool.

If you haven't seen this you've got to try it.  This is mine (below).  Tip:  I recommend pre-drilling a hole with a tiny drill bit first.   The first one I tried, split when I tried to hammer it in.

Here's how this ingenious little tool works.  Put the head of the nail through the hook on the back of whatever you are hanging.

Hold it against the wall where you want your picture, hook, or other decor to be placed,  the point of the nail toward the wall, then press or gently tap it into the wall.  Remove it and you will have a tiny hole right where you want your nail to be.

Here is my hook, perfectly placed.

And here it is in action.

I love how well the hook matches my curtains!   I also love that my kitchen isn't decorated in dish towel tents.  I actually bought and hung two of them, right across from each other, over the sink.          

A little tip:  This hook would have rubbed against my cupboard and scratched it up, so I put a dab of hot glue at every contact point.  As a bonus, it helps to hold the hook in place better.

Ok...quick, go find something to hang.  You've got to try this!

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