Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days: Day 30 - Recharging

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I've been using rechargeable batteries for my camera for some time now. But for everything else we have continued to use regular alkaline batteries. I guess it was the initial cost that kept me from investing in more batteries. But now that I've been able to save in so many other areas, I am going to order more rechargeables.

My favorite brand is Sanyo eneloop. They come pre-charged, have a very slow discharge rate, meaning they maintain 75% of their charge even after 3 years of non-use and they can be recharged up to 1500 times. They also last a long time even in my camera.

The first package I bought from Amazon included the charger and 4 AA batteries. There are different packages available. I am going to purchase a package of 8 AA batteries that include a storage case for $20.45 (free shipping) and a package of 4 AAA for $9.35 (including shipping). If you average that out it comes to $2.47 per battery.

About the best deal I've gotten on regular batteries within the last year, is 9.99 for 16 Walgreen brand batteries, which averages .62 cents per battery. After 4 uses, the rechargeables will pay for themselves. Everything after that is savings.

These batteries are supposed to recharge up to 1500 times. Let's just say they only last 1200 recharges. Even at that, my savings would theoretically add up to $744 per battery. Multiply that by 16 batteries (I already have 4), and that's $11,904 over the life of the batteries. Say what?!!! I should have gone all rechargeable a long time ago.

I'm pretty sure I'll never have to buy more AA or AAA batteries in my lifetime. I also know I wouldn't use that many batteries in the rest of my life. When my kids were young, with more battery operated toys, I used far more batteries than I do now. I probably go through 60 AA and AAA batteries a year. Even so, rechargeables will save me about $37 per year or $3.08 per month.

If you use more batteries, and/or buy name brand batteries, especially in small packages of 4, which run around $5 these days, you could save considerably more than that.

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