Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Swag

I'm a little slow getting started on my fall decor. What with all the canning and harvesting the garden, it kind of snuck up on me. It's been hard to get in the mood to decorate partly because I'm being dragged into winter kicking and screaming, and partly because my house is upside down with all the changing I'm trying to do.

It's kind of hard to appreciate the decor amidst paint cans, canning jars and boxes of stuff being moved around! But I saw some gorgeous silk flowers at Dollar Tree several weeks ago, and they were sitting there making me feel guilty. The roses I got at Salvation Army last fall for a song. So I built me a swag...or rather rebuilt. This is what I started with:

You can see it was a bit bedraggled.  I rearranged the red berry sprigs and started adding in stems from these piles:

Here's some shots of the process.  I don't think you need me to narrate.  So I'll let the pictures do the talking.

It is hanging above my kitchen sink.  Please ignore the bare bulb.  There will be a pretty light there eventually.

I'm not sure I like the swag there.  I think it needs a warmer backdrop, so I might move it above my sofa.  So far that's all the fall decorating I've got done.  I know...pretty pathetic.  Now off I go to can tomatoes...wish it was as fun as decorating.


  1. Amazing and very creative decoration, I love it!

    I wish you a pleasant day, kisses.

  2. It is beautiful Deborah! I love the colors in it. You are very talented my friend.
    Enjoy your tomatoes and have a great evening!

  3. Very pretty start to your fall decor. You did a great job.

    I know that your family will enjoy the canned tomatoes better than the swag. :)

  4. This is VERY beautiful!

    I've bookmarked your blog to follow the 31 days series and like the cloth rag idea you posted yesterday.

    Joy in Nepal


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