Monday, November 28, 2011

Kitchen & Hallway Progress

I didn't write a Thanksgiving post as I was busy helping my mom, along with my sister's and our guys help.  We all pitched in to bring and make food for Thanksgiving.  Mom's been feeling under the weather lately and we didn't want the burden to keep her from getting together.  We always pitch in but we stepped it up a notch this year.

I did want to say just how blessed and thankful I am for so much.  We've got wonderful family and friends, a roof over our heads, plenty of food on our table, my husband has a job and we have our health just to name a few blessings.  I am also thankful for you, my friends.  You welcomed me with open arms when I started this blog.  I've made many wonderful friends here and I hope I get to meet you all someday.   When I sit down to blog I usually have my cup of tea right beside me and I feel like I'm sitting down to a cup of tea with friends chatting about what's going on in our lives.  I love ya ladies! 

Okay, I'll put down my tissue now and show you the progress on the kitchen wall and back hallway.   We moved the bookcases to the kitchen.  The wall isn't done yet, but it already looks so much better.  I refused forgot to take pictures of the before.  It was pretty bad.  We had a huge bulky buffet which by itself is pretty cool, but it sat next to a green metal bakers rack.  It was a cluttered mess, but I needed the storage they provided.

This first bookshelf doesn't have doors.  I know you used to be able to purchase parts for these, so I'm trying to find doors for the bottom of this bookcase to match the other one.

The bookcases are at each end of the wall.  There will be shelves and a skirted table between them soon.  Yes, that is my coffee pot on the floor. don't keep your coffee pot on the floor?   It will go on the table when it's finished.  I plan to have a little coffee bar and toaster there.  I just pulled the stuff from the buffet and bakers rack and put it on the bookshelves for now.  It will get rearranged later.

Eventually there will be a pantry off the kitchen, behind that open door you see to the right in the picture above.  That door leads to the basement.  There is a blank wall behind it which we will bust through to make a large walk in pantry.  I can hardly wait!

The back hall is also getting a facelift.  No more wallpaper border!  I painted and we've started installing beadboard the kitchen too!  It will get primed and painted soon.  I was hoping to get the rest of it installed yesterday, but the weather wouldn't cooperate.  It was rained all day here.  Blech! Hopefully we can finish it today.

Here's what it used to look like:

Here's some rather unexciting pictures of where we are at now.  Not there yet, but still a big improvement!

So much work left to do, but it is coming along nicely.  Watching the transformation happen puts a smile on my face that would put the Cheshire cat to shame! Have you smiled today? 

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  1. The bookshelves look very nice Debbie...I like the distressing on them. Don't you just love beadboard? I was sooo happy when my hubby put ours up! You sure have been working hard on your house....but you will be soooo pleased at the results. Everything looks wonderful so far...keep going kiddo.


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