Monday, November 7, 2011

Projects Underway Again

The flower beds are done and the flower pots are either brought in, or put to bed in the barn for the winter...cue the angels singing! If I had to cut anymore plants down I think my hands would freeze in that position.   I know I'm late, but there has been so much going on. Anyway, it's done now and with the outdoor stuff done, projects can commence. Yipee!

In fact, I started today. The boys helped me carry the school books upstairs, then Tyler helped me carry the bookshelves out onto the deck. I got them sanded and one primed before it got too late in the day. They are back inside now in anticipation of rain tomorrow. The wood bled through the primer (boo), so I'm going to have to crack out the bin primer.

 This pair of bookcases was bought many years ago at K-Mart, believe it or not.  They used to carry a line of unfinished furniture that were very inexpensive and really well built.  I stained and put a very light coat of finish on them.  They've taken a beating over the years.  This stain was not going to come out easily.  So I didn't feel the least bit bad about painting them. 

I only got primer on one cabinet before it got too late.  It's a pretty awful priming job.  It was windy and in the mid 50's, so not the ideal conditions.  The primer was drying very fast.  I'll have to give it another sanding, before repriming. 

Operation Kitchen Wall Transformation is underway.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Ooh I can't wait to see! Those book cases are great! I really miss Kmart since they left Holland. :(
    It is rainy and cold today so I am hunkering down inside sewing. I hope you have a warm and dry day.
    Oh I love your profile pic, you look beautiful!


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