Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Subway and Canvas Board Gifts

I promised I would share some of the Christmas presents I made.  I was just getting my energy back, when I caught a cold and didn't feel like doing anything again.  Late is better than never though, right?

I was making these Subway style quote boards for the kids, they were cooking up some handmade gifts for us that blew us away...but more on that later.  I asked each one for a quote from a song or bible verse that was special to them.  My daughter had pinned these boards on her pinterest.  I wanted to combine the two, using a silk cherry blossom (her favorite flower).

Source: etsy.com via Deborah on Pinterest

Here's the one I made for her:

It was an easy process using my new Cameo Silhouette.  Yes!!!  I got one for Christmas!  I thought I had blogged about it, but in looking back through my posts I couldn't find it.  I can't believe I haven't told you yet.  I am in serious love...with a machine.  I made several Christmas gifts with it (I got it early).  It cuts up to 12 inch wide material.

I used plain white contact paper for the lettering.  Instead of making a stencil, I did the reverse.  I wanted the words to be wood and the rest painted, so I adhered the letters to the raw wood first.  I made sure to place some of the letters on the natural knots in the wood.

Then I painted the board with Plaid Apple Barrel paint in Caribbean, toned down with a little brown paint.  After it dried,  I dry brushed the whole thing with watered down brown paint to age it.

Finally I let it dry and pulled the letters off to reveal the wood underneath.  I could not find just what I wanted for a flower, so I left it blank for now.  Jamie is pretty creative and may just find or make something herself.

Here is the one I did for Tyler.  

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Again, I centered some letters over a knot in the wood.  I think it gives it character.

After it dried I gave it a light sanding to age it a bit.  

Jared's favorite song is the contemporary version of Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone), by Chris Tomlin.  We sing it often during worship at our church.  This is the board I made for him.

I didn't sand his.  It's more in keeping with his room.

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Christmas morning I had them tucked behind packages.  I removed the packages and they loved them.  I didn't even have to tell them which was whose.  A few minutes later Ken and I got a big surprise.  Our precious children had made two very special gifts for us.

One day before Christmas they all headed over to my mom's house.  I was led to believe they were wrapping gifts for us there, and helping Grandma with a project.  They were actually working on these gifts.  When I opened mine I almost cried, and I am not a cryer.  They are the most special gifts we've ever gotten besides the gift of our children themselves.  Take a look for yourself:

For Ken

I love their hand prints superimposed over top of one another!

For me

I was blown away!  I have the best kids in the whole world...of course I am a bit biased ;) They are hanging in our bedroom facing the bed.  When I someday get around to remodeling our bedroom, I'll show you.

I will share some other Christmas gifts I made later.  Have an awesome day!

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  1. There is SO much lovliness and love in this post. First of all so cool that you got that machine! Second, the subway art is beautiful! I love that you left the wood exposed with the letters and third, your kids are amazing! what precious and loving gifts. It is such a wonderful feeling when they do things like this, kind of makes all those times when they threw tantrums and talked back go right out the window. :)
    Thank for you sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness, Debbie! Looks like everyone was on the same page this year! Love seems to abound in your home...all the way around. You definitely have a Christ centered home.

  3. These are beautiful I also got a cameo for Christmas, but have not tried anything like this! Would LOVE for you to link upm to our Uncommonly Yours link party!!;)


  4. Love these. I'm getting ready to start one soon. Can't wait til its done. Hope it looks as good as yours :)

  5. Your signs are beautiful! I would love to you to share at our link party http://herestohandyandy.blogspot.com/2012/01/pinteresting-link-party-week-23.html

  6. Sounds like you have very wise (and creative) children. Love them all!

  7. That's a talented family you have! Everything is so nice!

  8. I REALLY like these - and the phrases that you've used are just perfect. In fact, I'll be honest, they brought a tear to my eye. That 'I am' being the answer...how moving. I haven't heard that before. Is it from a song?


  9. you have clearly taught your children about the joy of giving...isn't that the best gift of all??

    beautiful story, beautiful art!

  10. Those are wonderful. What a great reminder!
    You should join me for Handmade 52 http://www.raisingoranges.blogspot.com

  11. Love these! Each of them are very unique and special!

    Thanks for linking this up to the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!!

  12. I love this version. I've pinned it to my "Crafts I simply MUST Do" board. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I'm visiting from Someday Crafts

  13. All away around, sweet gifts and precious memories.

  14. So fun! Found you on pinterest!!


  15. Do you know what translation was used for the christmas gift to Ken? I'm very interested in something similar for Father's Day. Thank you!


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