Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Purse Organizer

Here I am climbing back in the saddle again. Forgive me for a few weeks absence. With the projects I had going on before Christmas, then Christmas with my family unexpectedly moved up two weeks, and a lot of Christmas gifts to make, I burned out. My get up and go, got up and went. My mojo took a hike.

I was so exhausted that I needed a break from everything for awhile. I have been working on a project for myself, a little at a time, that I finished tonight. One of my goals this year is to organize everything. With remodeling, things get shoved around, misplaced, junk piles up and pretty soon I can't find anything. It's so frustrating.

So my first project of the new year was a purse organizer. I wanted it custom made for my stuff. Simple...right? Famous last words. I didn't buy a pattern. I should have. In fact, I should have just bought the darn thing already made! It took far longer than it should have. But it's done, my purse is organized and I love it!

Now you ladies who carry around a postage size stamp purse with nothing in it but keys and a credit card won't be interested.  I don't get you.  There is just no way.  I know you must be stuffing things in your pockets, behind your ears, and in your bras.

Uh...back to my purse organizer.  Actually it is two organizers, because two of the purses I use the most are divided in the middle. I need one for each side. At first I was going to have them zip or velcro apart, but after I already had a hundred million hours into it, I dropped that idea. Without further whining ado, here it is.

This is the business side.  The serious side of me.  Yes there is one...I just keep her tied up in the closet most of the time.

On the inside, there is one side for keys,

Credit/Store cards and gum (yes the gum is serious...bad breath is no laughing matter!)

 The other side of the inside holds receipts while I'm out shopping,

and my business card holder.

One of the outside pockets has 3 skinny pockets for pens,  one for my cell phone, and two extra pockets.  One might hold an ipod touch someday ;)

The other outside pocket is for coupons and another extra pocket

The middle has just enough room for my wallet and checkbook.

The other half of my purse organizer is what I like to call the party side.  It holds all my feel good stuff, like makeup, motrin and hair stuff.  There's plenty of room in the middle for a comb and folding brush and some yummy bath and body lotion.  

One inside pocket holds dental floss, hand sanitizer, motrin,

lipstick and tissues.

The opposite inside pocket holds a measuring tape (ok it's serious), my folding scissors,

and a pocket for my reading glasses...showing my age here.

 One outside pocket is divided into three nice size pockets for makeup compacts.  Right now it only has my blush, but I'll be putting an eyeshadow and probably powder in the others.

 The other outside pocket hold receipts for things I need to return and gift cards for me to go shopping with.  Oh yeah!

Here it is all tucked inside my purse.  I feel so organized already!  I'm forever digging through one purse to pull everything I need to change purses.  Now I can just lift out the organizers and plop them in the next purse.  Oh yeah...organized is good.

Now you know I like to make things myself, but this one almost ended my sewing career.  Do not ask me for a tutorial.  I will never make another one like this.  Sorry...find a pattern.  Or better yet, buy one.

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  1. Oh my gosh look at you!! I love it!! Everything has a place and girl you have everything! :) You come prepared. I don't like purses, I have one but don't like it and usually shove stuff in my pockets, maybe occasionally in my bra. LOL! :)
    Well done dear!
    I am glad that you are back and I understand about needing a break, it does one good.
    Hugs to you and stay warm!!

  2. I'm so glad you're back - I missed you!

    But wowweeeeee, I;d say your mojo came back at full hurtle!! I'm not surprised this was hard work - it looks utterly amazing though - well done you! I love the fabrics you've used - they make the whole thing PERFECT!


  3. This looks like a FABULOUS idea! I'm always digging through my purse. I do use the pockets in my purse, but it never seems enough. I never though to add more pockets by adding something like this inside my purse - genius!!!

    Thanks for sharing this on the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!! I'm definitely pinning this!!!

  4. You don't need to carry your Motrin in its bottle. Put some into a small ziptop bag, the ones used for crafts. Less bulky that way.


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