Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coffee Crate-Tote and a Special Gift

It's been a long week.  Bad things have happened.  Good things have happened.  Such is life.  Thank you all for your prayers and support.  They made my long days a little brighter!

I am happy to report that my mom-in-law is doing great!  She started rehab this week and will get to return home by Friday with help.  The doctors, nurses and therapists are all amazed.  She's a strong lady and I believe she will fully recover.

My back and neck are much better, although I get twinges, so I'm being extra careful.  The guys get to do all the lifting around here for a while.

Jamie was home for spring break which is one of the good things!  We all got to go to an Irish concert featuring a Michigan percussion dancer on Friday.  It was amazing. The kids even bought a CD.  The group is called Beoga, and they are from Ireland.  If you get a chance to see them...go.  Click the picture to go to their website.

I have had little time for blogging.  Monday night I was up all night nursing my youngest son.  He came home from Community Bible Study with a stomach ache.  I'm sorry to say we didn't give him much sympathy at first because he has always had an easily upset stomach.  It usually passes after a few minutes.  Not this time.  He didn't make it to the bathroom and let's just wasn't pretty.

Poor guy had the dry heaves and at 12, he still wants mom to hold his head. I didn't get to bed until Ken relieved me at 6:30 a.m.  Needless to say  I haven't been able to make much progress on the craft room last week or so far this week either.

I did get the 2nd coat of primer on the sewing center yesterday.  Ken got the beadboard panels cut for the back and they are primed.  I got the first coat of paint on it today.   I just leaned a primed panel against the back to show what it will look like.

I also finished up a little crate style tote I had white washed some time ago using my silhouette and the chocolat cafe vintage image from the graphics fairy.  I just used the words.  The flourish I used is from the silhouette store.

I'm creating a little coffee/tea bar between the bookcases in my kitchen.  For now I have my old butcher block cart there until I make a table with storage underneath to take it's place.  This little tote is the perfect place to corral all my loose bags of coffee, hot chocolate etc.

One more good thing that happened this week.  I received a special package in the mail.  Recently I met Lynn from Lynn's Homespun Country.  She describes herself as "a little bit country."  She sent me this adorable little primitive heart made from vintage ticking and adorned with lace that she "grunged-up" herself with her special recipe, and clay hearts she made herself.  Lynn is a real sweetheart.  Pay her a visit and tell her I sent you.


  1. Thank you so much, I have sure enjoyed your blog, you are so talented! Hope all is well with your family, Hugs, Lynn

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