Monday, March 5, 2012

A Bad Day That Got Much Worse

Ever have one of those days when it starts out bad and just keeps getting worse?  Sunday would be that day for me.  While getting ready for church, my upper back went out on me, Tyler forgot the djembe (an african drum), and I couldn't get the skit that Tyler and I were to read to print.  My printer has been giving me fits lately.

Jamie, who is home for spring break, gave me a back rub, which helped a lot, so we grabbed my laptop, the djembe and headed to church.   Tyler got the drum in time, I printed the skit off at church, and I moved verrrry carefully (and stiffly) so I wouldn't make my back worse.  Thankfully the skit was read from behind the curtain in the overflow, so I didn't look like a crippled Eve (Tyler was Adam).

Later that afternoon, we got a call that Ken's mom had fallen and was at the hospital.  It was bad.  She broke the ball joint in her hip, which will be replaced today.   She fell on cement outside, but managed to drag herself to the back door.  How she got it open, I don't know, but she was able to drag herself partway inside.  The landing area is tiny and she couldn't get all the way in, so she laid there with her legs partway out the door for six hours in freezing temperatures.

The most awful part of this is that she has a lifeline medical alert necklace, but wouldn't wear it.  She keeps it in her nightstand.  My mother-in-law is a very wonderful, sweet and loving woman.  But she is also proud and independent.  I completely understand because I'm the same way.  

It just breaks my heart that she laid there suffering in extreme pain and freezing for 6 hours, when she could have just pushed a button and help would have been there within minutes.  Of course now she wishes she had been wearing it.

The point I want to make is that my mother-in-law is lucky to be alive.  Some of you may have a loved one who has a lifeline necklace, but won't wear it.  They think it won't happen to them.  Growing older is hard.  It's not for sissies.  Many older people suffer with pain that they rarely, if ever, express.  They are strong.  They don't want to appear weak, and I totally get that.  But they often live alone and bad things happen to even the strongest among us.  It doesn't make one weak to take precautions.

Every time I get in the car, I fasten my seat belt. When it's freezing cold out and we get the kind of snow we got last week, I make sure we all have hat, mittens, boots and a warm coat in the van before we go anywhere, in case we slide off the road.  I'm taking precautions.  Does that make me weak?  Of course not.

Source - Our back porch!

Do you have a loved one who won't wear their Lifeline?  Print this off and ask them to read it.  If it changes just one persons mind it will be worth it.



  1. How sad and scary. After my father in law passed away last month, we got that for my mother in law. He was always with her so we didn't worry so much. Now that she is alone, it helps to know she has it because her balance isn't very good. So far she has been wearing it MOST of the time. I am going to print this off for her read. It is not weak. It is just part of life. Your poor mother in law. Thinking of you and the family and that she is able to recover quickly.

  2. Oh my goodness Deborah, I just hate to hear all the trouble you are having, and for her to have to lay there 6 hours I know that just breaks your heart. Maybe she will wear it from now on. Please know I am praying for your and your mother in law, May God Bless you all. Hope she feels better soon. Hugs, Lynn You will receive your pkg. in a few days, hope it brightens your day.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that about your Mother-In-Law, How Awful. That is awful that she lay there so long, my heart hurts for her. Hope that she does okay with the surgery and that your back heals soon. Prayers are with you and your family.


  4. Oh no hunny I am so sorry! I hope that surgery went well. My grandpa had a lifeline and would never wear it either. How are you feeling? What a terrible day. Prayers that she and you are on the mend and she can begin her recovery.


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