Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Craft Room Update #2: What A Difference White Walls Make!

If you missed previous craft room updates, the links to all are at the bottom of this post.  

Progress on the craft room is slow, but steady.  After cleaning, then mudding, and re-cleaning, I realized I had to use an etching product on the walls to remove the efflorescence (white powdery dust) from the old cement.  Ugh!  I had to brush the stuff on with a stiff brush, then rinse it all off with a hose.  Hubby manned the shop vac to vacuum up the water as I rinsed.  But FINALLY I was able to paint the first coat of Drylok on.  What a difference that made!





Had I known then what a job just the cement walls would be, I might have chickened out,  but I'm glad they are done now.  Well, almost done.  I've got the second coat 2/3 done, but had to take a break...and give you a peek.

Next up the floors.  Lord have mercy!

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  1. Hi, Deborah

    It looks great. I bet you are getting excited about them finishing up. I can't wait to see the finish results.


  2. The walls look awesome! Hard work isn't it! My short story, 3 years ago I woke up one Saturday morning decided I did not like the "home" anymore, and preceded to rip up carpet and throw out furniture and stuff on walls! Really! I walked on concrete for 6 months until I could decide what to put down(and save the money). 3 long years later I am finally done with everything I call the bones of the house, and now decorting "the fun part". Keep plugging away and pretty soon you'll be decorating and making all of us jealous. Hugs, Lynn

  3. Hahahaha....your last exclamation made me laugh, Debbie.
    Looks like lots of work, but hopefully the worst part is over.
    You will be so glad to have your room all finished, and ready to use.
    I LOVE your subway cross for Easter.
    Just beautiful!!!!

  4. I love it, it looks so fresh now. :) Good luck on he floors!! :)

  5. Hi Deborah,
    I just finished reading your first "Craft Room" update...Boy, you sure have put in a lot of hard work into it, but I know that in the end it will all have been worth it. It will certainly be a labor of love :-) I cannot wait to see it all done. Have fun with the floors.

    Hugs and Kisses,


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