Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Features and Galvanized + Chalkboard = Storage

In between prepping and painting the basement walls and cabinet boards, I snuck in some more galvanizing and chalkboard painting.  More on that after the following:

I've had my nose to the fieldstone in my basement craft room lately, and have been remiss in thanking some lovely ladies who have featured my galvanized magazine rack, my old world tray, and my burlap and roses wreath.  I'd like to give a shout out to Rosemary at Villabarnes for featuring my Old World Tray. Rosemary's Old World finish inspired me to try something similar on my tray.  You need to visit her now.  Her creations are breathtaking.


These lovely ladies featured my Faux Galvanized Magazine Rack.  They have awesome parties every week.  Party on my friends!

Finally my Burlap and Roses Wreath was featured by these awesome bloggers.  I am so honored that anyone cares to read my posts, let alone feature them.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Back to galvanizing and chalkboard painting.  I'm going to need lots of storage in my new craft room "to be".  Sounds like I am marrying have and to hold!  Anyway, I had some old tins and have been saving various containers, with the plan to paint or cover them somehow.

 I have other containers saved too, but these are the first up to get prettified.  Yes it's a my world.

They all got a coat of brush-on primer in dark gray.  Tip:  Have a can of regular primer tinted with as much black as the container will allow.  I had a 5 gallon bucket tinted, but it will work on gallons too.

After that dries for a day or so, paint over it with black.  I used black acrylic paint on the tins and black chalk paint (homemade) on the breakfast drink containers.  For my homemade chalk paint on these I mixed 2 tsp of plaster of paris with a tablespoon of hot water to disolve, then added 1/2 cup of the black acrylic paint.

Finally I used the same galvanization technique that I used on my magazine rack on the tins.  Here's how it all turned out.

These tins are my favorite.  I have a some Christmas tins that I don't think will see another Christmas...or they will be seeing it incognito.  Muhahahaha!

This project has been featured at:

I've linked to these great parties.  Come join me there!


  1. I just want you to remember the little people now that you are a blogging rock star! Congrats on all features.

    You deserve every. single. one. :)


  2. WOW ... those are cool. Never would have guessed what they really were!
    I would love if you stopped by my Creative Inspirations party to link up - I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  3. Those tins turned out awesome, congrats on your features. When my blog grows up it want's to be like yours!!! I love what you do, so professional. Hugs, Lynn

  4. You deserve every feature, Lynn. Nice job on those cans. Thanks for a shout out, of my shout out. LOL

  5. I am hitting the road tomorrow to find cheap tins. I have fallen in love with these - i have so much little craft stuff these would be perfect for. I only hope I can achieve the beautiful finish that you did! I followed you over from Funky Junk. I'll be back for more tutorials.

  6. OKAY! I am totally trying tomorrow! What a great idea to recycle old containers!I am hosting a link party going on now through Monday night and would be super excited if you came over and linked up with us!

    Kim @ Too Much Time

  7. What a great idea! They turned out beautiful and are perfect for storage! Thanks for stopping by to comment on my light/beadboard ceiling. Have a great weekend!

  8. This is awesome! I'm so excited to find this technique. I have a project that I've been wanting to galvanize but wasn't sure how to go about it. Thank you thank you! Stopping by from FJI.

  9. What a great idea for all those cast off tins. I love how these turned out, especially the three Christmas cans and the way you have them stacked. We're dangerous with chalkboard paint:-)

  10. Lovely work! I would have had a hard time giving up the rose design on the tins, but I know how important it is to have design cohesion when putting colors and patterns together.

    The overall effect is much nicer that way!

    Have a blessed weekend, Deborah!

  11. Wow - the tins do look very amazing. I love the galvanization, then chalkboard ovals on top. So cute!! You could probably very easily sell these.

    Thanks for the shout out for featuring you!! :)

    I'm pinning this project. I'm so glad you linked up at Romance on a Dime!!!

  12. Very cute project! Found you via Funky Junk!
    New follower! :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  13. I love this project. Thanks for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Hope to see you again with your creative ideas.


  14. Great project ideas! Neat way to cover old and unsightly patterns. thanks for sharing!

  15. Fabulous idea!! thanks for sharing the how to:D Pinning this post!!

  16. This is just amazing!! I can't wait to go check out that tutorial, thank you so much for sharing. I am featuring at my party later today. Thanks! -K


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