Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magnet boards

Yahoo!  We finally got rain today.  There was thunder and lighting to boot.  I love a good lighting storm.  After the rain stopped, I stuck a trowel in the garden.  It was wet about an inch down.  We need more, but I believe I heard my plants breath a collective sigh of relief!  The forecast is calling for more rain tomorrow and possibly Friday.  I hope it saves the local farmers crops and I hope it continues.

I mentioned in my last post that I've been busy.  Here's one of the projects I recently finished and added to my Etsy shop.  My personal favorite is the black and white one, but I love all the papers.

I found these 3 magnet boards recently.  They were scratched and I wasn't fond of the design on them, so I gave them a few coats of spray paint, then covered the front with some pretty papers, using mod podge.

After they dried well, I inked the edges a bit, then sprayed them with a couple coats of clear matte spray.  I tied some pretty ribbon to the back, then made some coordinating magnets.  So if you find a magnet board or have a piece of metal, or the back of a cookie sheet (make sure a magnet will stick first), you can design your own magnet board.

If making one doesn't float your boat, you can check these out in my etsy shop.  Stay cool, stay dry...unless like me you are out dancing in the glorious rain!

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  1. These are really pretty, Debbie!
    My flowers are soooo happy with the rain we got last night!! yippeeeeee!

  2. Just found your post. You are so creative, looking forward to checking out more of the blog. New Follower!


  3. Hi, been on vacation for a few days, thought I would visit and see what you have been up to! Love the magnet boards, is it hot enough? We are sooo hot, too hot to do much! No rain in sight, blah! Hugs, Lynn

  4. I love your new magnet boards and love your Etsy Shop!

  5. After a long browsing i got your blog and stayed to see how much creative you are and the feeling is good and your ideas are really very innovative


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