Monday, July 9, 2012

The Scrapbook Room is Underway Again!

The heat has broken...aaaaaahhhh!  Today I didn't have to decide whether I should sit down during the standing praise and worship at church before I passed out from the heat.  Can I get an amen?!!

It's still as dry as a bone.  I tried to weed my rock garden, which has gotten very little attention this year.  It was like trying to pull weeds out of concrete.  The plants in that bed are tougher than nails!  I had to water it to be able to pull the weeds out.  The forecast calls for a stray thunderstorm tomorrow evening and no rain in sight the rest of the week.  I'm hoping that stray storm will settle over our place and drench us.  Otherwise you know what I'll be doing a lot of this week!

I am enjoying a lot of pink in my flower beds this year.  Every one of my hollyhocks are some shade of pink this year.

The following pictures are not beautiful, but to me they are.  

Hubby moved the plumbing this weekend, and we attached beadboard to the stairwell, then fastened the wall in place and the stairs to the wall.  I'm almost afraid to cheer in fear that I will jinx it, but I am one step closer to my craft room.  Now I just need him to run electric and we can finish the walls.  Then I can move on to building the cabinets and putting everything together!  Yeehaw!


  1. LOVE your hollyhocks Debbie!!! The pinks are my favorites. We have been watering twice a day here...trying to keep all the containers from drying out.
    I have to work on Wednesday..boohoo. I would have been happy to meet you in Gaylord.
    Looks like you are one step closer to that craft room being ready.
    I'm sure by colder weather, you will be down there doing crafts, and being busy as a bee!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful to me also! Love the bead board, I put that up in my kitchen as a back splash and I just love it. Can you believe we are getting rain, stormed last night and cloudy today! The heat here has been horrible too! Hugs, Lynn

  3. I love Hollyhocks and yours are truly beautiful!


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