Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Granite Find!

It is good to be home!  We got home yesterday afternoon.  Ken is doing great, and there was no further damage to his heart.  He can go back to work next week on light duty for a couple of weeks.

I slept nine hours last night and my caboose was still dragging all day.  Of course 93 degree weather didn't help!  Hopefully another good nights rest will get me back into my rhythm.

Once I knew Ken was going to be fine, I had a several hours to kill before I could check into Munson Manor, which is the hospitality house for Munson Medical Center.  It is a wonderful place, with such nice volunteers.  This was my third time there.  Anyway, Ken wanted to sleep and I needed to get lunch and some food for my stay.  After lunch at McDonald's (they have wifi), I looked up thrift stores in the area.  I found a Habitat Restore nearby, so I decided to go there.

It was more than twice the size of our local Restore.  I found some great old pieces of wood to make some signs, then I stumbled across a pile of granite tiles.  There were 14 square foot tiles.  I was ecstatic!  It is just enough to cover a counter that is between our kitchen and living room.  The laminate on it is chipped and ugly.  I keep it covered with a cloth, but wanted to someday put a new top on it.

My project list just grew...again.


  1. Oh my goodness, Debbie! Are you okay? I know Ken is in good hands...but are you taking care of yourself through all of this?
    Get some rest!!

  2. Hi Deborah, I hope your hubby is doing good now, so sorry to hear about his attack, you and he must have be frantic. So glad it was minor, and no damage was done. Sometimes God puts things in our lives to kinda make us slow down a bit, don't you think? Hope he is well on the road to recovery!

    I love the ladder and the granite, what good finds. I want to go to some estate sales and see if I can find some goodies. I am going to post the lovely pillow cover I recevied from you. I was so lucky to win this, you are such a good sewer! Hugs, Lynn

  3. Hi Deborah, I just discovered your blog and I'm sorry to hear about your husband's attack, but happy to hear that things are better with him.
    Your blog is wonderful. You are a very creative gal. I love what you did with the ladder. I've seen them used for quilt racks and to hold magazines, but putting it on it's side and using it as you did is out-of-the-box amazing. I love finding creative ideas and talented people, so I am tickled pink to have found you.
    I am a retired activity director. I worked for many years in an assisted living building with 93 residents. Then after retiring, I missed them all so much that now I volunteer. The good thing about that is I can pick my hours and stay home in the winter when the roads are icy.
    I am your newest follower and I would love to have you visit my blog.
    If I could I would have warm cookies waiting on the table when you arrived. Try to get some rest and take care, Connie :)


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