Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Craft Room Update -

A turtle would have had it done by now!  I am making very slow progress in the craft room, but progress none the less.

I made a raised base for my old entertainment center, that will be my new jewelry center.  We've had water leaks in the basement before, and although I've filled holes, used Dryloc and the floor has been tiled to a sump pump, I just don't trust it to never leak.  I used treated lumber to raise it up about an inch off the floor.

If you have a bookcase or entertainment center made out of particle board, you can firm up the base this way.  As you can see this one was a little worse for wear.  Fortunately this side will be right up against the wall, so this side won't even show.

Ken cut the boards to the right width for me at work (it's easier than hauling out the table saw).  Then I cut them to the lengths I needed.  

These little brackets that held the front trim on, gave me some trouble at first.  My board needed to  sit right on top of them, but then would not sit flush or level.  Dremel to the rescue!  

First I marked my board where the bracket was.

I used the router bit to carve out a shallow area where the bracket met the board.  

It's not going to be a perfect cut, but it doesn't matter for this application.  

Now my board fits right over those brackets.

I know, bad picture, but in a room with no windows, and only one overhead light (for now), crouched down in a corner, that's the best I could do.

After I attached the first board with screws, I attached the side pieces to it and to the sides of the cabinet.  For the back piece I toenailed (angled) my screws into the sides.  I also countersunk them with a countersink bit so they would not stick out and scratch the walls.

Now I have the other side to do, add the top back on the middle and add the desktop between.

Piece of cake!

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  1. Great job--luv the piece with its bead board!
    --I've never seen that tool before, I have to go check it out now!


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