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Knaebe's Apple Farm - Fall Fun in Northern Michigan

If you live in Michigan, especially the northern lower penisula, you need to visit a very special place.  It's completely out of the way, off the beaten path, in the boonies, but worth the trip.

Our daughter was home from college for a short visit this weekend, so we took an afternoon trip up to  Knaebe's Mmmunchy Krunchy Apple Farm and Cider Mill.  Now that's a mouthful to say, especially while eating a delectible glazed apple cider donut, so I'm going to shorten it to Knaebe's, which is what we've always called it.  It's pronounced Kuh-nob'-eez (at least that's how I've heard everyone say it around here.

We got there about 3:00, so we made a beeline for 'Ma's Kitchen.'  They stop making donuts at 4:30 in Sept. and October (5:00 in November).  We were not going to miss out on those donuts!  They are out of this world good!  They also sell pies, cookies, muffins and probably more...I didn't see past the donuts. Oh...and of course apples!

This place has eye candy galore.  I circled the store several times and still saw new things every pass.  We were unlucky (it was raining), but we were lucky (it wasn't as crowded).  I asked the owners if I could take pictures for my blog and they were very obliging.  The front part of the store houses all kinds of things, edible and otherwise.

In case you didn't notice those awesome stacking cubbies, here's another shot.  They look easy to make and so cool!

My little purchase, besides the donuts, came from this display, that I like to call the apple cupboard.  I'll show you later ;)

Proof that we were indeed here!

Check out this gorgeous display of all kinds of  jellies.

The floors are amazing.  Well worn wide plank still my heart.

Here is another cubbie full of chickens and a couple birds.  One of those fat hens almost came home with me.  If they are there next year...

Although it is an apple farm, they also sell pumpkins and have halloween displays.

I cracked up at this sign!  If I ever have a little shop...

Unique displays are everywhere.  Look what how they've used an old refrigerator.

And when you've drooled your way through the front of the shop...head to the back.  you don't want to miss all the fun displays, merchandise and antiques there.  And don't forget to look up.  There's a party goin' on up there too!

Model planes fly over crates full of all types of apples.  Just look at all that Mmmunchy, Crunchy goodness!

Brace yourselves chalkboard lovers everywhere.  It's the mother of all chalkboards.  This monster is huge!  I'm sure they have to climb a ladder to write on it.

The cider press wasn't running while we were there.  I would have liked to have seen that.  Maybe next year.

Turning to the right, there is another wing of goodies.  I'm still seeing stuff I didn't notice while I was there.  It's mind boggling!

The antiques alone are worth the drive.  Check out the old Coca Cola cooler.

Need a cookie cutter?  This is only half of them...seriously, I couldn't get them all in one picture.

This guy wasn't here the last time I was here...I don't think.  Could I have missed something this huge?

Everything from Mickey Mouse, to giant chickens...Knaebe's has it all.  Look closely at the middle of this picture.  See the black track running along the whole shot, and curving around the spiral staircase?  That's a working train track.  You can see the train smack dab in the middle of the picture.

Signs are everywhere, some for sale, some for direction, some for fun...correction, lots for fun :)  

When I saw this gentleman, I asked if he was the owner.  He pointed to the sign behind him...

...and said, "I'm the Curmudgeon.  He was a hoot and I'm pretty sure he's the Pa, in Ma and Pa Knaebe!  ;)

There's those floors again.  They are to die for!

An antique apple peeler sits high up on a shelf.

Behind that area, are two rooms with tables for you to sit and munch an apple and a donut... or two...or three.

I spied this Underwood typewriter in the cafe area.  I so want one of these!

 After stuffing our face with donuts, and taking a bazillion pictures, we headed back outside.  The front porch begged us to linger, but it was cold, and we still hadn't seen the outside attraction.


Yes there's more!  If you ever come here with the kids (and you should bring them), send them with dad out to the playground and petting zoo.  Heading around the barn you see the apple trees.  Aren't they beautiful with their rosy red apples?

Love this sign.  There is humor everywhere here.  I bet this family has a roaring good time when they get together.

Okay, you know that excited, enchanted feeling I get when I enter the I'm going on a treaure hunt?  That's what a kid will feel when he rounds the corner and sees this.  Never mind the stunning view of the woods in full color!

Da llamas

Oink! This guy looked a little grumpy.  I think he just woke up from a nap.

Jamie loves horses, but this one's a little short for her.

And my personal favorite...the chickens.  They were very small, but oh so pretty!

And on to the playground.  There's no end to the fun here.

If you are ever in Northern Michigan in the fall, you don't want to miss Knaebe's...even on a rainy day!
Oh...and I said I'd show you what I bought.  It's just a little souvenier of the day.  What else? An apple!  I'm picturing it filled with caramel dip for some mmmunchy, crunchy apples!

Enjoy fall, ya'll!

I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I just really, really enjoy the place and wanted to share the love:)

I've linked to these awesome parties.  Come join the fun!


  1. How fun! Your pictures are fantastic :) Makes me want to pack my bags and take a trip there. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.


  2. I love to go to stores like this - love the apples as I decorate with them in my dining room. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  3. Wow! I had just "flagged" your e-mail abiut your blog because i was sooo busy during apple season. Now we are closed up and getting rested, and lo and behold (!)I am surfing my older mail, and here is your blog which I just now checked out!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

    You did such a good job with your photography that I want to go to that apple farm- and I LIVE there! Yikes! I think I need your help with my website! Thank you so much for the great pictures and all the nice things you said about our Mmmunchy Krunchy Apple Farm! I wish I could put this on TV or something! Thank you Thank you!(chickens are my favorites too)


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