Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet My Black Australorps

The chickens are doing great.  I brought the black Australorps home a couple of weeks ago.  They settled in like nothing had happened.  They have established that they are at the top of the pecking order though.  Compared to Mama and her chicks, they are quite a bit bigger and like to throw their weight around.  So far there haven't been any real problems though.  

I'm getting two eggs from these sassy ladies most days (one egg each).  So far Mama is not laying yet.  She doesn't want to cut the apron strings yet.

The chickens love tomatoes!  

 Mama's babies are growing up.  The largest one is almost as big as she is.  They still run to her for protection though.  She's a good Mama.

Ahem, ladies and gents, could you face the camera please.  I'm starting to get a complex.

That's better.  Birds of a feather, flock together.  This is the whole gang saying, "come back and see us ya hear?"


  1. My Australorp is the flock leader of my 3 pullets!! She is very nice in her role though, and is never aggressive! She is LOUD though!! When she is ready to lay an egg, she lets everyone know!! Your chickens are beautiful!! Here's a link you might enjoy! Have a great week!! =) Deanna

  2. Those black Australorps are gorgeous! Hmmm hmmm they are having a tomatoe feast!

  3. I so love chickens and would love to have some. Alas no room. Yours look like they are very content. Love this post.
    Thank you for visiting me. I thought it nice when you said you were putting your garden to bed. Nice way with words. I am now following

  4. Love your chickens and that photo of Lacy in your sidebar is fantastic!! :)

  5. They are beautiful! I love chickens and growing up taking care of ours was always my chore. We hope to get some this spring.

  6. I cannot believe how fast they grew! I still want some chickens! yours are beautiful! Hugs, Lynn


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