Monday, January 21, 2013

My New/Old Nativity Set

Ok, I know this is way late, but I said I'd show my nativity that I painted as soon as I found my camera cord.  Better late than never, right?  I found this large nativity set at a garage sale for $10!  The colors were not my cup of tea, but when has that ever stopped one of us died in the wool DIYer's?  I don't have many pictures, and I thought I had taken one of the whole nativity all set up...whoops!  I was sick and my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders.

Here are a couple of pieces that give you an idea of what it looked like before:

I decided to go for a pewter look.  First I primed them all with my gray primer.  Then brushed on two coats of DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Elegant Finish in Shimmmering Silver.

After that dried, I brushed on McCloskey Aging Glaze in Ageratum (black glaze).  I applied it to one side at a time, working quickly, then dabbed most of it back off, leaving glaze in the recesses, which brought out the beautiful details in each piece.  I only have a picture of this piece, and it's all packed away now (I packed it before I found my camera cord, thinking I'd already taken a picture of the set).

The tree was so beautiful this year.  It was huge for our little living room, but we squeezed it in.  I have to share a few pictures.

 I bought some new mercury glass ornaments this year.  I love the way they reflect the tree lights.

These snowmen are also a favorite.  They were a gift from a friend several years ago.  There are five in the set.

Although it's belated, I wish you joy in this New Year. first tip this year...keep your camera cord in your camera bag.  Just sayin'.

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  1. What a great idea! I hope we can see the whole set next year.

    1. Thank you Kristen, and yes, I plan to take pictures of the whole set next Christmas!

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by, things are getting back to normal and not so hectic. Missed talking, so how are the chickens doing and are you getting eggs yet? Glad we are both back, luv luv the tree. Hope you have a great year, and here's to many more conversations!! Hugs, Lynn

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