Thursday, March 28, 2013

Giving a Homemade Gift

This year I've been trying to be intentional about gift giving.  Rather than spending money on store bought gifts, I've been making homemade gifts.  I love Pinterest for all the ideas, but I also love it for another reason.  I have intentionally been checking out the boards of people I am planning a gift for.

It's one thing to make a homemade gift, but if it's not in the recipients taste, they feel obligated, and I've wasted my time.  I know what I like, and I tend to want to make things to my taste.  But that isn't what gift giving is about.  So I peruse their boards, check out their gift registries, and then use what I see to come up with a gift that is to their taste and in colors they like.

I've been making gifts for my kids for a while.  I have one I will share for Pinterest Monday that I made for my daughter's birthday.  Today I am sharing what I made for a young couple's wedding.  After checking out their wedding registry, I noticed the colors of the towels they selected for their kitchen, and the overall colors for the house.  Then I visited her pinterest board and found some ideas there too.

While looking for something at Big Lots last week (never found it), I came across a packet of coordinating scrapbook papers in just those colors and patterns.

Ken had cut me some 12 x 12 fiber boards for a craft project I did for our church's ladies night out.  I had a few of those boards left.  They were already painted white on one side.

I selected three of the papers and mod podged them onto the boards, then top coated them with another coat.  Next time I would use spray adhesive, because I had trouble with bubbling after the top coat.  No matter, I got most of the bubbles out, and covered the others with strategically placed photo mattes and flowers.

I turned them into scrapbook pages for the wall.  They can be hung horizontally, vertically or individually however they like. Sorry about the picture quality.  I was in a hurry to leave for the weekend and had to go with the available light on a cloudy day.

I'm happy with how they turned out.  Although store bought gifts are nice, and registries make it easy to select something, the gifts that were made for me are the ones that I especially treasure.  What about you.  Do you like to make homemade gifts?

Until next time keep craftin' and smilin'!


  1. I love homemade gifts. For the last three years the family has swapped names (a big departure from our annual gift giving) and the gift has to be handmade...even the guys. It is amazing what everyone has come up with- xo Diana

  2. Good Morning, I do make homemade gifts, and I also love receiving them. Knowing someone took the time to make something is so special to me. Hope all is well, posting today! Hugs, Lynn

  3. Great idea, Deborah, to use pinterst in that way! As I have not joined everyone on the "pinterest train", I am always impressed with how others have taken to it. I know... I'll get there some day! LOL I know the couple will just love that you took the time to get to know their tastes and made something from the heart. Just delightful!!!

  4. I'm with you on loving homemade gifts. They truly do hold so much more meaning. I like how you used their pinterest boards to gather ideas and color schemes. Great idea!

  5. I totally agree with you and your readers, Deborah! LOVE GIFTS are the best. I am a pinning maniac! haha It IS a sickness, I think. Too much FUN and now I can throw away all those mag cut-outs that I have been filing away for years. EnJOY your week! I invite you to my many boards. Yikes! lol

  6. Your approach to gift-giving is truly thoughtful and personal. Taking the time to understand the recipient's tastes and preferences shows how much you care. The scrapbook pages you made for the wedding couple are not only beautiful but also heartfelt. Homemade gifts are indeed special
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