Sunday, May 5, 2013


I am sorry this is not a pretty post, with pretty things to look at, but I just really need some prayers.  If you are not a praying person, just close this window and know that I won't love you any less.

I am facing challenges.  Sometimes challenge is a good thing, like a difficult situation that makes you stronger, better or broadens your horizons.  Other challenges drain you, threaten to change your world in a bad way.

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One of the challenges we are facing is unemployment.  My hubby has been laid off for two months.  We had no doubt that he would be called back when things picked up.  He is a dependable, hard worker with one of the strongest work ethics I've ever seen.  But as time has gone on, fear has started to creep in.  We are both believers, who have watched God work over and over again to provide for us, and we have seen it again in this situation.

I have been calm throughout, knowing God will take care of us.  But the enemy is working.  I've been experiencing brief periods of fear and hopelessness.  They are fleeting.  I recognize the enemy's attempts.   I stand on God's promises for those who follow him.  But I could certainly use your prayers.

Another challenge rocked my world today.  It isn't something I can share, but it involves a deep hurt that effected myself and many others.  If what I don't want to have happen, does, I already know what I must do, but it will be extremely painful.  I've run the gamut of emotions today, from shock, disbelief, anger so deep it made me shake, and now depression.  Again, I have to rely on the Lord, that he will take care of this.  I would so appreciate your prayers this next couple of weeks.

God bless you my dear readers.  You are all precious to me.


  1. If a quiet prayer from me will help, I am gladly by your side. If more are needed, I will share your post and your pain with others who will gladly add their prayers. Sometimes a person needs to feel the support of an army behind them to truly be prepared to take on the challenges of life. Please be cognizant of the Son that shines on you through the clouds.

  2. You may want to read the poem I posted this morning for Sunday Devotional - it's perfect for what you are going through.

    I think - ?

    Hugs and prayers, hang in there.

  3. You will be fine, it will all work out. It always does and somehow we are better, stronger from it.


  4. I found your blog through Heirloom Treasures. Your husband not having a job is very hard! I know you pray and God does answer prayers but in unusual ways. I live in Texas and have for 50 years and came here with my family from Arkansas when my Daddy got a new job. My husband was born in Texas and goes back 5 generations. Your huband might do well to come visit the Dallas Ft. Worth area for many have come from your area and found work. We are a very traditional Texas family that loves Texas. There is work here and the homes haven't lossed their value or gone up as in other parts of US. It is nice weather here in the Fall, Winter and Spring! The weather is very hot in the summer but everywhere has AC and there's the pool. The shopping is fabulous and the food is terrific. Your family will find a very strong Christian faith in any area of Texas. We have no income tax so that's a plus. Maybe this will open some door you hadn't considered and just remember we say yall. Sounds like someone was mean so just think I was taught to be better than that. My late MIL said, People you know may say somethings that will surprise you but don't listen and do what you know is right!


  5. Deborah,I will certainly be praying and thinking of you at this difficult time.
    I know life can sometimes deal some things that are hard to bare, but having strong faith in God certainly helps to keep us strong at difficult times. Know that we out here in blogland will not let you bare your burdens alone. xx

  6. Hello dear Deborah,

    I will certainly hold you up in prayer. Life can be so difficult at times, no doubt about that! But praise the Lord He does not give us more than we can handle. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love and hugs to you!

  7. I just read your blog and said a prayer for you. I'm having health issues so am also going through a stressful period. I have people all over the world praying for me and I know things will work out for the best. I'm sure it will be the same for you. Stay strong and try to not give in to despair. It's easy to feel sorry for oneself but remember that God is in charge and you have lots of people who care about you.


  8. Dear Deborah, I am with you in the difficult situations that you are in. I do not have any advice, but I will include you in my prayers.

  9. My dear friend...I will be praying for you. If you read my Joy Day posts you might have a glimmer into my similar life challenge. [hugs]

  10. Deborah.. I will pray for you in this troubling time. It can, at times, be hard to stand strong and know that God has us by the hand. But He does and He will take care of you and your family. Maybe not today.. maybe not tomorrow. But He is there for you through it all!

  11. tons of prayers and hugs to you, deborah:)

  12. Hello Deborah, sending my prayers to you and your family, Believe....

  13. Dear Deborah - I know how it is to know the truth and believe the promises but still feel shaken. Praying that God will rain down his peace on you, that he will give you a deep, deep sense of His presence, that you will find strength in knowing the He is your Rock, that He is fighting your battles for you and that He loves you with an Everlasting Love. Much love to you Deborah. I can't wait to hear what God has done in your life! Blessings, Patti

  14. God's word is eternal.It also never changes.His promise is a guarantee that we will remain victoriois.M y sister your victory us certain.Remain strong and continue to believe God.


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