Friday, August 2, 2013

Cloches and More Cloches!

I was recently asked to curate a board of cloches at Hometalk.   I had just unearthed my old terrarium from the barn, with plans to create a little cloche out of it.  I posted that earlier this week.  

You can create a cloche out of just about anything see through that can be flipped over a vignette, or have one tucked inside.  We've all seen birdcages used as a cloche, but how about a lamp part, cake stand or even an old wire strainer!  
I was so excited when they asked me to curate this board.  I love cloches and I love Hometalk.  If you aren't familiar with Hometalk, it's something of a cross between Pinterest and Facebook.  You clip pictures to your boards like Pinterest, but there is more personal interaction, like Facebook. Everything is home and garden related, and you can ask questions of experts when you are tackling a DIY project, or just need a question answered.  I've found it to be a very friendly community of like minded home owners, who love to make a house their home.  

You can follow me on Hometalk by clicking the graphic above, then follow me there.  If you haven't tried Hometalk yet, sign up is free and easy.  You'll be clipping brilliant ideas in no time.


  1. I love them all...pinning on my cloche board!

  2. I love them all...pinning on my cloche board!

  3. I love cloches, too. You really have some beautiful ones- xo Diana

  4. Gorgeous cloches and interesting displays. I'll have to go to Hometalk and join the fun!

  5. Making cloches out of unexpected items is such a creative idea! Your terrarium-turned-cloche sounds like a fantastic DIY project, and the possibilities to repurpose everyday things into beautiful vignettes are endless. Currently, I want a sociology dissertation help in UK. Somebody please assist me professionally!


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