Wednesday, October 29, 2014

High Fluting Fall Decor

I am blogging from Kalamazoo, MI where I am visiting my daughter.  Before I left home, I grabbed a hundred few pictures of my kitchen bookshelves so I could get this post up while away.

Fall has been gorgeous outside with brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, and I am in awe of the creator's paintbrush. Indoors, however, I prefer a more subtle palette. I decided to keep my aqua colors I have been using for now.  They will get changed out soon for Christmas though.

I went through my small supply of fall decor and culled most of it, leaving very little and not much of a budget for buying new things. Good thing I like a light touch when it comes to decorating for fall! I did make some things like my drop cloth pumpkin I shared here.

The weather has been cloudy and dreary for days on end so I didn't get a good shot of the whole left bookcase, and I am away from home posting this, so I cheated and pasted these three pictures together below so you can kind of see the whole thing.

You got a sneak peek of this shelf here when I posted about the sweet gifts my blogging friend gave me. This old chalkboard is beat up and stained, but I love the authenticity of it! 

I chose pumpkin shaped objects to tie in the theme.  I am not sure, but I think this fluted tin column is a cookie form.  It has caps on both ends.  I found two of them at a thrift store, and loved their columnar shape. The aqua mercury glass candle holder is perfectly pumpkin shaped!

Just a touch of the theme here with tiny gourds and a mini-pumpkin from the Dollar Store that I painted silver and white. The patina on the silver coffee pot is so perfect.  Even the rope trim on it echo's the ribs of a pumpkin a bit.

The next shelf I left very neutral, letting the tarnished silver play off the whites of the dishes, tray and shelf.  Here, the matching creamer and sugar team up with a new piece that was a gift from my secret pal at church. Why is it I never see something out of place or off center until I see pictures of it? Those off-center bowls are driving me crazy now, but I never notice it in real life!

In her note, she said it was a vintage warmer.  I am in serious love with it. It may not be exactly pumpkin shaped, but it has the those amazing curves and is kind of fat and squatty like a pumpkin. I set it on a plate ringed with oak leaves and acorns, and set that on an inverted, fluted tart pan. I've got a whole lot of fluting going on. (That should be a word!)

The inside is lined in white enamel. My secret pal knows my addiction. She had it filled with chocolate!  Most of it is gone now (ahem!). To my credit, she gave it to me several weeks ago, and my boys have snuck a few themselves, so I didn't scarf them down all at once, nor all by myself :)

The bottom shelf is also done in neutrals. You can see a peek of my red toile curtain that covers a multitude of sins on the lower shelves.  I need to change that out yet, but wanted to get these pictures taken before I left town.

I reused my stacked pumpkins from last year. They are also Dollar Store pumpkins that I painted, then hot glued together and glued a little spanish moss around where they are joined.

These little french pots I bought in a set of four at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago.  This one holds my sweet sachet from Debbie at Lakehouse and an egg from one of my chickens.

The right bookshelf is a little more colorful with more of my aqua things. 

The top shelf houses my favorite white bowls with the beaded edge, also from TJ Maxx (love that store)! My fluted cookie forms join another tarnished silver creamer and sugar set. I stole the cookie form from the other shelf and put something else there, but didn't get a picture. Things get moved around all the time anyway :)

I forgot to move the little indoor/outdoor temperature gauge my hubby likes to keep on this shelf. It messes up my symmetry. Oh well, keeping it real!

More TJ Maxx goodies oval fluted casserole/bowl and aqua cake pan were both found there on different trips. I think I got the embossed aqua apple at Big Lots a couple of years ago. The tarnished silver tray and fluted molds were from thrift stores.  I set my vintage Mason jars inside the molds.  I have more of the galvanized lids for them somewhere, but couldn't find them before I had to leave.

Finally the bottom shelf holds more white pumpkins with two little ones from the Dollar Store and a chalk painted larger one. The aqua bowls were from Big Lots, and match the serving bowl on the top shelf.  I can't remember the maker, and I'm not at home to look, but I want to find the matching plates and more pieces. The white platter and tray were from thrift stores.  I painted the tray with an old world finish here.

I'll have more later, when I get back home. Have a blessed week my friends!

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  1. Your pictures and vignettes are just gorgeous, Deborah! I especially love that aqua mercury glass piece and the way you have woven the color into your decorating scheme. Beautiful! Enjoy your time at your daughter's home! xo Diana

  2. I love the neutral colors when someone else uses them, but It's not my decorating style. Beautiful job with these pics.

  3. Hi Deborah, Your cabinet display is gorgeous and I love all your mix of treasures. I really am loving the neutrals this season. Enjoy your time with your daughter.
    Hugs and Blessings

  4. Your displays look wonderful, Debbie! I really like the white with the looks so pretty together.
    So many unique pieces!! LOVE it all!!

  5. The aqua mercury glass candle holder is a perfect stand-in for a pumpkin. You are so creative!! I love all the play of tones and textures and "fluting." I can only imagine how lovely a stepped back shot would be. Darn gray days!! You have certainly been blessed with some sweet silver pieces. The warmer is extraordinary!

    Hope you're staying warm and avoiding the snow we've been seeing today.

  6. Your kitchen shelves are simply gorgeous! I love the muted colors and peaceful displays.... Great job...
    have fun visiting your daughter!! :)
    xox, Crystelle

  7. I love the soft colours you used to style your shelves. Have a nice time away!

  8. Everything looks soooooooo beautiful
    You have a great looking kitchen and I'm quite jealous :)


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