Thursday, November 13, 2014

Burlap Pumpkin Upgrade

Kicking it up a notch in the pumpkin realm. I bought this burlap pumpkin on clearance last year at JoAnn's.  I liked the pumpkin, but never liked that big fat felt stem.  This year, when I pulled it back out, I liked it even less.

I went to my local fruit market and found a stem that had broken off of a squash, which looked very much like a pumpkin stem. They let me have the stem for free.

Being careful not to snip the burlap, I cut as close to the base of the felt as possible and cut that offending stem right off my pumpkin.

Using hot glue, I glued the new stem on.  Looking better already! But the felt still showed a tiny bit around the edges, and you could see the shiny edges of the hot glue a little too. That screams poor job to me. Never, never let your hot glue's kind of like wearing a killer dress with your slip hanging out the bottom.

No problem. I just wrapped a bit of Spanish moss around the stem and my pumpkin was better than new!

Five minutes and this burlap pumpkin has a new lease on life.


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  1. That looks SOOO much better. I don't like most of the vine things on top of most pumpkins I see in the marketplace. Good call on dressing that one up! xo Diana

  2. Cute as can be, Debbie.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Oh, I really do like it's rebirth . . . very pretty:)

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