Saturday, November 8, 2014

Floor Dreaming and an Interview

I am dreaming of a home with wood floors throughout. Unfortunately, when we bought our old farmhouse, it did not have a lot of character, other than high ceilings.  Most the of character had been stripped out of it with bad remodeling jobs, some of which were downright dangerous!

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One of the things that I had hoped for when we removed the old carpeting and ugly vinyl, was good wood floors, or at least paintable wood. No such luck.  They were in rough shape. In fact someone had hammered a metal bottle cap into the kitchen floor...who does that???

Years ago we put in a Uniclick laminate floor in the kitchen.  Later we wanted to extend it to the living room, but that particular company and floor were no longer available. At the time we didn't think we could afford it, but now we want uniform floors and will have to replace all of it to get that. I wish we had talked to a professional about it.

I was recently contacted by Floor Coverings International to give an interview.  It was so exciting and such an honor to be asked!  I don't consider myself an expert designer by any means, I just have fun decorating and remodeling our own home. You can read the interview, here if you like.

If you live in the Cleveland area, and need new floors, you might want to contact Floor Coverings International.  They provide a free in-home consultation to help guide you through the many floor choices available. It might save you from making the mistakes we made.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this post. 


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  1. Okay, I LOVE your blog. Thank you for leaving a comment at Little Farmstead so that we could connect. I will be visiting again! Each of the floors you featured are so great. Happy Saturday!

  2. I hope and pray you get the floor/s of your dreams, Deborah Lynn. We redid our entire downstairs with wood flooring about a year ago and it's really been like a dream come true for me, I hope that for you soon. Good luck - from Columbus - Michele from Finch Rest

  3. Great interview! I hope you get your dreamy floors. :)


  4. Love your inspiration foto's as for your flooring I have been in your shoes, and at the time I just added a different type of flooring like the old Framhouse's that added on through time, and I loved the look. Maybe a company could come in or a good flooring designer could come in and assess your situation with your floors and save you money buy complimenting the added flooring with a brilliant blending.

    Hope you resolve your flooring, and get your dream floors.
    I painted my front room flooring with an epoxy cement garage floor paint, and the tile breaks up the other rooms with planked floors, not an ideal move in designs but for this small temporary investment home it will sell well without putting to much into remodeling it all.

    Beauty to you my friend.


  5. I think having the same floor through different rooms give a sense of unity.

  6. I understand your desire for hardwood floors. They are beautiful and homey (if that's even a word). Here are 5 ways I was able to save $ to get them I bet you will get your dream floors one day!!


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